F/S: Flomaster AT axleback

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by '08GTcaRED, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. 180$ +shipping obo

    If you are around southern California we can do an exchange somewhere. They weigh close to 40lbs so shipping will be expensive mind you. These retail for 329$ at American Muscle. They have about 5000 miles on them. Switched to a straight muffler delete and took these off. Nothing is wrong with them besides normal wear.

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  2. PM sent
  3. still for sale
  4. Are these for a 2010?
  5. they will fit a 2010. they are the 60 series AT from Flowmaster
  6. how did they sound? were they too loud or too much drone?
    I would need them shipped to 33327
  7. oh I see, these are the 3 chamber? the less agressive ones?
    I have yet to find a sound clip of these.. only see the 40 series.
    this might be a good choice.
  8. Honestly in my opinion the 60 series axlebacks are built better. The 40s have a smaller cross section and although they are a two chamber design, the smaller size takes away some of the tone. The 60s being bigger have more expansion room allowing for a deeper tone throughout the rpm range. I have tested these next to my straight pipes. At startup they are equally as loud, but the muffler is a controlled deep tone, whereas the straight pipe is allowing all of the frequencies to exit.
    At normal idle they sound the same, the muffler is a tad quieter however, but deeper again.
    At normal acceleration/cruising they sound the same. The muffler has a deep rumble during this operation, whereas the pipe has more of a burble.
    At WOT again they are equally as loud. The muffler takes away some of they higher frequencies though.
    They both drone! If you want an aftermarket axleback that won't you have to pay for it. The worst amount of drone I got was between 1600-1850 rpm. That was where it was the loudest. I will send you a shipping quote Heat when I get one. Thanks for your questions and looking!
  9. ok thanks! sounds good.
    is the drone unbearable? I thought it might be better in the 60 series as they are not as aggressive from what i've heard?
  10. The drone is livable. At 65 mph, which is where it is the worst, I only had the stereo on the fourth line of volume and could hear my music just fine. My wife and I had no problems talking at all. Compared to my straight pipes right now, they have negligible drone :p

    If you are interested send me a pm...
  11. Pics added. I will clean them and polish the tips when a buyer sends me payment. The previous owner did a wonderful job trying to get them off and scratched them all up. If you want them repainted, we can work something out
  12. i will answer you shortly.
  13. Still for sale. Heat00 declined...
  14. Trade pending
  15. I'm interested. I live in Bakersfield. I will give you $180 if you will be willing to meet me in Mojave to do the exchange.
  16. Alright Dixie sounds good. Want me to clean them up first or does it matter to you? When is a good time for you to meet up?
  17. could you do 6:30 tonight.
  18. PM sent.
  19. Sorry was doing chores and getting ready for my drive. I have to drive to San Jose tomorrow so on my way back through Bakersfield we can meet somewhere. Looking to be coming back early afternoon so anywhere between 1-3 work for you? I will give you a call tomorrow in any case and we can work something out
  20. ok. thanks
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