F/S Intercooled Vortech V1 99-04 Complete Kit

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  1. Intercooled Vortech Setup off my 2004 Mustang gt

    Vortech Complete Intercooled kit Includes:
    This kit would be pretty much a bolt on kit. Since, it just came off the car. The kit would only need fuel pump and a tune (I am also selling an sct xcal with base tunes) to work. It took me a lot of money and time to piece this up.
    Vortech V1 (works great no shaft play)
    Black Custom Power Pipe W/ filter-2100
    New CXRacing 3” Intercooler Piping
    New CX Racing Intercooler
    Black Couplers with V
    New Tial Q BOV with Flange welded to Flange pipe
    39# injectors

    The kit was purchased and installed on the car along with the intercooler kit that has had the work done to it to make it fit great. The supercharger was installed car sat and then removed. Therefore I post that there are new parts included because they were only installed and then removed.
    *All parts that say NEW were purchased put on the car but the car was never really driven with them on.

    Price Complete: $2900 obo
    Individual pricing-
    Vortech V1 Kit with mounting bracket W/ power pipe no intercooler –$ 2100.00
    New CXRacing intercooler kit with 3” piping custom routed for supercharged application with black couplers and extra couplers needed to make it work- $300.00
    New Tial Q BOV with Flange welded on flange pipe- $250.00
    New PMAS HPX MAF with harness for 99-04 -$300.00
    39# Injectors -$120

    SCT XCAL X2( Includes Vortech base tunes) =$260 obo
    Diablo Predator=$200 obo

    If you would like everything together i can cut you a package deal and throw in the tuner and injectors for a package price. The only thing left at that point would be fuel pump.

    I would like to sell it complete but i can also part it out. Let me know if there is any interest in individual parts.

    If you have any questions email me at xkonceptz@yahoo.com

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  3. thanks guys i got back to you. Sorry for the delay been real busy lately. Bump for a nice looking kit that works beautifully! shoot me some offers we can work something out.
  4. I haven't got any new pm's in my box???
  5. Would you sell the power pipe

    If still available....seems thread had been dead but lmk extremely interested in the kit. Email me at shaun_d1986@yahoo.com or call 765-243-4056 text as well if you like
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