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Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by 12Pack, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Im home from FL on vacation and need to sell the extra stang parts that ive collected over the years before I go back home.

    4lug black ponys
    5lugs chrome cobra r's, no tires
    pro 50 shifter
    alum driveshaft
    t5 with 90,000+
    373 gears
    410 gears
    saleen wing
    gt wing
    lx tails
    eibach pro kit
    347 stroker kit, still in box from coasthigh.com
    spec stage 2 clutch
    Victor Jr (2.05 intake and 1.60 valves), 1.6 Harland Sharp roller rockers
    5 lug conversion kit from 50resto, un used.
    BBK 1 3-4” long tube headers
    trickflow heads
    polished vortech s-trim blower
    sct chip

    im only home for 13 more days and will be going back to FL so hit me up asap! I work for a shipping company and get a discount on shipping, PM me a offer.
  2. how much for the eibach pro kit springs?
  3. $80 shipped. they are still in the box
  4. 12Pack, could you give me the p/n of them? its just that i'm looking for a certain spring rate and if these are the ones i want them. thank you
  5. consider them sold! i want them!!!. How much for the PRO 5.0 shifter? Please email me for payment [email protected]
  6. For now i'll just take the springs, thanks
  7. 12Pack, i am ready to send payment. I can do paypal or any other way you want. Just let me know, Thanks.:nice:
  8. Interested in the Pro 5.0 and aluminum DS. Where in FL are you going to? I could pick them up if your close.
  9. Hey 12Pack :shrug:
  10. 12Pack !!!! HELLO !!!!! Do you still want to sell them?
  11. How much for the lx tails? And do they come with the light buckets
  12. any pics of the blk ponys, and the drive shaft and how much shipped to 77904..thanx.. oh ya any type of # on the heads and what type of shape there in thanx again..
  13. what parts do you have still?
  14. Wonder what happened to 12Pack? havent heard from him since:notnice:
  15. anybody having any luck with 12Pack?
  16. sorry but everything is sold
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