F/S Spintech Prostreets and 3in SS bassani tailpipes

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by BK_CAULEY, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. Had them on the car about 3 months and only put about 80 miles on them. No rust, dirt or scratches on them. They still look like they came out the box.

    The tailpipes are from the Bassani catback I sold...3in SS. Any questions, just ask...they fit 86-95. tails should work all the ay up to 98. the mufflers and pipes might work on 96-98 cars, not to sure on that one.

    asking $300. FYI these tails are $250 by themselves so $75 more for the mufflers already welded up to pipes/joints ready to bolt in is a good deal.

    or trade for this cat back and this cat back only.

    ...And yes, they are LOUD....








  2. you got a sound clip for those? I have the Mac catback on my car, but it aint purdy like that one
  3. i will see what i can do on the sound clip man. and yea they literally have 3 trips to town and back.
  4. i just want the mufflers for my 95 stang?
  5. will u take $250
  6. Have you sold this stuff already?
  7. awww spintech's are awesome! i may be biased though considering i have them. why are you selling them?
  8. i just want the spintechs if you still have them...you said they only have 80 miles on them...or was it 80 miles on the tips? if you want to sell just the spintechs please let me know how much b/c thats just what im looking for.
  9. tips

    id like to know if you have the tips and if you would sell them give me a call if you do 256 394 6044 scotty
  10. if you still have this catback with tailpipes would you be willing to trade for a set of turbos with intercoolers please email me at [email protected]
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