F/S Stock 95 GT suspension parts

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by My95.0L, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. Front & rear coil springs
    Upper & lower control arms
    Strut tower brace

    Also have:
    Headers & bolts & engine hoist brackets
    H pipe & cats
    E brake handle & cable
    FMS 3.55s
    Upper & lower intake
    19lb. injectors
    Mass air meter
    Air filter housing & rubber intake tube
    Push rods
    Rocker arms
    All EGR parts
    Fuel pressure regulator
    Car bra
    Shifter & knob

    Ford parts. Sold the car. Thanks.
  2. how much for the complete set of springs? whats the drop? will you ship to 06401?
  3. No drop as these are the factory springs. About 40,000 miles on them. How's $50 to your door?
  4. sounds excellent!! only thing is i have to see if i want to put off lowering my car for a while and replace my springs that have 167,000 on them with factory....All the other parts your listing, like the ones for the engine and exhaust.. how many miles are on those? I'm looking to put a 5.0 in my 98 with in the month and i'm getting a working motor from a junkyard so i'm sure i'll need to replace parts

  5. Let me know when your ready. We can handle everything through PayPal. All the parts have about 40,000 miles on them. Thanks.
  6. what type of heads do you have for sale? are the complete with the springs lifters rockers..etc? price
  7. Stock heads, E7's I believe. Yep, complete. How's $125 to your door work for ya.
  8. what kind of flywheel? please pm me
  9. how much for the ebrake and cable shipped to 45206
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