F303 Ford Racing Cam Thought

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Dag545, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. What do yall think about the F303 Ford racing cam. Yall think its good, bad. Let me know your opinion on this cam. Thank you
  2. i like mine
  3. i'm fixing to be running one soon, i will let you know how it runs
  4. It depends on what you want from the engine. I wouldn't use it w/ stock E7 heads. I also wouldn't use it with a S/C. Too much overlap IMO. I would contact Ed Curtis @ www.flowtechinduction.com and see what he suggests for your combo. He grinds some pretty awesome cams. Do it right the first time.
  5. very good camshaft for a power adder car, they l/s angle makes them a bit lazy down low but nothing a steeper gear can't overcome. good cam for the money makes good power alot more than some suspect.
  6. why wouldnt you use it with e7s?? and the f-cam has very little overlap compared to most OTS cams, of most of the common OTS cams the f-cam cam has the least overlap, the stock 5.0ho cam has a LSA of 116 degrees, the F has 114 and most other comon cams are 112 or less.

    thats the whole reason i swapped from my old b-cam to the f-cam, less overlap. the b had 112. if i had the cash i would consider a custom grind but the more i think about i would rather spend the money for a custom grind with a better set of heads, my combo is still on the cheap so it works just fine.
  7. :nonono: The F cam is one of the best and most widely used boost cams. Turbo guys swear by it, and I've seen it work amazingly well with supercharged combos as well. My buddy's car is a stock short block 302 with old school iron Windsor Sr.s, an F-303, Performer intake, and an S-trim. It made 475rwhp on a conservative, safe tune at only 11psi when it was 93 degrees in the shop. This fall in some much cooler temps at night it's seen 15-16psi and absolutely screws. We figure it's well over 500rwhp at these boost levels. This is also non-intercooled on 91-93 octane pump gas. I'm not going to say the F cam is the sole reason for it making good power, but 500+rwhp doesn't seem bad to me for a stock 302 with a really old school, dirt cheap, dead reliable setup.
  8. the f-cam is arguably the best letter cam.

    It works with poor iron heads and under boost. It is actually pretty versatile.
  9. How about an f cam in a 347 with afr 185s? victor jr and demon 750???
  10. bring it back . . . lol

    The only thing a f-cam will do in that situation is to baseline and really show how much more a custom will pick up.
  11. should be nice. f303 in my 351 with afr 185s
  12. anyone have any HP guesses with that combo???
  13. I made 590 with 13:1 and 8lbs of boost
  14. love mine. Got it so I could blow on it, but have been running it NA with TFS heads and it sounds and works great.
  15. Old thread but wanted to up to up date this. The f303 cam worked damn good with boost. I put a turbo on my 302 tfs heads, intake, and f303. And with 7#s made 500hp/560ft# at the wheels. F303+turbo is kickA$$
  16. I ran an F cam for about 5 years and it was absolutely awesome!
  17. F cam doesn't sound all crazy at idle right? It's more subtle? I'm trying to figure out what cam my car has. The previous owner couldn't tell me, but it sounds like I might have a F.

    So from what I hear, it's a good cam for a stock engine with exhaust mods and bbk Sri, correct?
  18. Zcam FTW