F3ZE-AA, 3 bar, 63cc, Clean GT40 bare heads for sale

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  1. These heads are OEM GT40 Mustang bare heads, set up for original 1.84/1.54 valves, Refreshed and resurfaced, cleaned/maged/checked and never put back on, The car had very low miles, heads were off the car once. it was a street car, All the water port bolts are helicoiled so you don't ever break antoher studs or bolts there ever! 63cc chamber original mustang heads, Exhaust ports are also cleaned up for little better flow, and i will also provide expensive intake gaskets and the matching oval exhaust gaskets to winning buyer which is big plus and saves you a lot of coins :) put your aftermarket or bigger valves and hi-rev springs and you are good to go(you shouldn't use stock stuff with higher lift cam anyway). Hate to see it go, I spent some money on these heads, wanted to use on something... anyways, Very nice and very clean heads for the money. I took many pictures as possible and in many different angles so take a look.

    If you have any questions please ask, I will be happy to answer them. I listed them locally as well. Thanks

    Price is $350+shipping(Fed-Ex ground)

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  2. Are these still available?
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