Fabulous Fords Forever Show, Buena Park CA- 2005

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  1. Fabulous Fords Forever Show **PICS**, Buena Park CA- 2005

    THERE's A BIG ****DUW****

    there are over 200 pictures up on my site from a lime green '66 for JINX, a Shogun Festiva for BlueOvalMustang (i think it is), a pinto, to some race stangs w/ 14" slicks


    seriously, cars as far as you could see. AMAZING... don't know the report, but well over 1000 cars i'd say. Even some I'd never even seen or knew existed (i.e. the homer simpson car = ford Edsel)

  2. My favorite was that 2000 cobra R convertible (replica obviously)
  3. it tricked me at first, until i realized they didn't come in verts

    i don't know what my favorite car was, there were simply too many. Actually, i really liked the tigers maybe b/c i've never seen them before
  4. Thats ****ing SWEET


    EDIT: Just realised its lime green and has the TT Rims just like mine
  5. lots of beautiful cars there. Looks like it was a great show. Didnt like the paint on what I'm going to say was a lightning (one of the first few pictures)

    I love thoes old shelby cobras, even if they are replicas.
  6. there was a few i didn't care for some of them stangs looked it hurts to say it RICE
  7. that old yellow one? I didnt like that one too much :( ruined a nice classic car

  8. did you catch my comment up top? i immediately thought of ur car when i took that picture and blueovalstanggt for the shogun festiva
  9. i think some of them are real... at least i know that rusty looking one is real, $25 a tix b/c they were auctioning that one off and said it was one of the cars shelby worked on himself or something
  10. i think this is my fav [​IMG]

    i see which one you say was 'riced' out, the yellow one with the wide fenders, lowered, and blue stripes - i wouldn't go as so far as to call it rice
  11. one or two of them might have been real, but a real one is very rare.
  12. Plenty of them were real.... There's always a ton of real cobras at that show.

    I didnt know you would be there donjohn. I was hanging out with "slo65" at the show all day.

    I was driving next to that lime green mustang on the 91 while I was on my way there. I saw it like a mile behind me and I had to slow down to check it out. :D
  13. I dont know what it is about this one, but I love it! It's my fav of the mustangs. Nice pics BTW :nice:

  14. yeah i seen it. I just happened to click on the link to the thread I was like we'll see whats in here. I read and and was like wow me mentioned me i gotta look now lol. Now you all see whay i like the color once you see it you can't forget about it you will always think Jinx when you see it lol
  15. everybody, i've got all the pics in MUCH higher quality if you want anything, just leave or pm me your email and i'll send it to you

  16. yea man, i've been a bum and haven't gone over to the westcoast forums in a while. i didn't see your car there, were you in it? i was there from 12-2. also, i don't know who slo65 is, did i take a pic of his car?
  17. Nah, both our cars were across the street in the sears parking lot. slo65 drives a fox. he's in the 94-95 section every once in a while. Nice pics, BTW.
  18. finally got through all the pics. DU sucks!!

    the yellow munster car comes into my work all the time. he's a real good guy.

    also saw at least 3 magazine feature cars. Pretty impressive!! I'm very pissed now that i had to work that day.
  19. i was surprised at the # of cars there, pretty impressive show i'd say