Fabulous Fords Forever Show, Buena Park CA- 2005

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  1. I love all those classic stangs with bullitt rims, and obviously all the Shelby Cobras (real or replica)

    Also, does anyone agree with me that the rims on the 3D Carbon stang are ridiculously big? I guess I've never seen them in the right context to notice...


    I also LOVE that red cobra with the black 95 R's, Smoked Headlights, and the Grigg's hood.
  2. they're huge but that's how ford made em... if they threw 17s on there, it'd look like my stang
  3. Someones gotta tell this guy to post here. His car is absoutely gorgeous!! :flag: Are those HREs? :hail2: Anyone have more pics of this car??
  4. i took 3 pics total of this guy's car, not sure who it is but here are the three pics high quality... sorry for not catching this sooner

  5. Holy breather caps! Those Moroso VC's are awesome, I just might have to get me a set. Nice job on the pics btw.

  6. thanks

    that guy's setup is pretty sweet, it's not all cramped like most turbo setups look like

    btw. any pic on the website i have in higher resolution if you guys want any
  7. Thanks a lot man! :nice: That's one incredible car and turbocharged to boot!!! :flag: