1. I just found the 5.0 group, I never knew it existed!

    For those of you who don't know, it's there, so join it!

    Furthermore, I'd like to add any of you guys that are on there. I'm about to add 1Tall, STP, and Green GT, anyone else feel free to add me!

    Donavan Stevens at MSU
  2. Looks like i need to get on facebook then
  3. I think we almost forgot about it since no one posted there in a while...lol
  4. Yeah I think I was the last one that posted in there... I had a few threads about it when I made the group up
  5. I checked in on it a couple weeks ago.....not much going on...
  6. hey guys I started a group called I love 60's drag cars. check it out and join if you want!
  7. i added you as a friend Shane
  8. Dude, I'm so old I don't have a clue what you guys are talkin about. :rlaugh:
  9. aahhh I was wondering who all these random people were that were adding me to their list. Good call. I've only been on facebook for about a month and got more or less addicted.
  10. JT, Facebook started out as a social environment for kids who were college students. It has now been opened up for everyone, it isn't limited anymore. I consider it a more grown-up version of myspace. You can still put up information about yourself and have friends and all that, but you can also upload (as far as I know) unlimited photos... which is the perk for me.
  11. sent u a freind request... there are like 500+ mustang groups on there now which one r u talkin about?
  12. you guys need to post your names...I have no clue who is who

    I'm Duncan btw
  13. Stangnet's 5.0s.
    There are a lot of Mustang groups. 2 groups for Mustang owners at my school.

    I started a thread on the group page about posting our Stangnet SN's.
  14. <- Shane Scherbarth
  15. Joe rodes... I'm the only officer haha :D
  16. Stephane F. Beland here.
    Its cool to be able to put a face to the names on these boards
  17. wow I forgot all about that group. Bob Milewsky from WVU
  18. 1TallMF... your not that tall, right? haha I just read that.
  19. its cool to know there is a group for us stangnet guys, i just signed up
  20. I just signed up.