1. Aaron Baldwin

    I'm adding as we speak
  2. lol:rlaugh: im with you im 21 but i dont know what facebook is either
  3. haha I dunno. I'm like 6'3", tall enough I guess but nothin freekish. I didn't put any thought at all to my screen name when I signed-up for stangnet, it was just the first thing that came to mind.
  4. I just joined up.

    btw, I'm Wade Hilty
  5. What? How old are you JT?

    I'm 2 weeks away from turning 21. :nice:
  6. Don't ask how old he is....it's barely believable

    He farts dust.
  7. Just joined up.
  8. Im on there, probably in that group as well...

    Brian Pulaski (University of Hartford) so feel free to add me!
  9. Just joined...finally a meaningful facebook group, haha.

    --Jonathan Hall
  10. I have facebook but I like myspace better. You can customize it. Facebook is just blah
  11. Just decided to join, its cool this group exists cuz its nice to put a face to the name. Its good since you can post unlimited pics on there too. (hope i didnt just open the floodgates on that one.) -Kyle Belanger; University of Massachusetts, Amherst- :SNSign: