Drivetrain Faceplated Tko 600?

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  1. I'm starting to hear more and more people doing this to their TKO 600s. What, exactly, is faceplating a transmission? What is involved with doing it and what does it do? Is it just to strengthen it or does it make it clutchless or something? Please enlighten me. I'm wondering if this is something I might want to do to my TKO 600 at some point.
  2. Its not for everyone and can be a little clunky on a street car. You basically need to match the revs to downshift and double clutching helps on upshifts.

    Face plated is not the same as pro shifted. Very strong.... you might want to give Bob Hanlon a call about it. Hanlon Motorsports

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  3. Not saying I want to take that plunge. I was just wondering exactly what it does. After serching youtube yesterday I found out. Actually it seems like its ok on the street for a non-daily driver. There are some guys out there DD cars with them though. After watching a few videos of guys driving them normally on the street, rev-matching to downshift and double-clutching didn't seem necessary. I'll see how my OOTB TKO 600 does with my setup. I've heard a few things about them being a little difficult on the 2-3 shift but I'll see. I learned back when I first got my 3550 that if you don't do a good break-in on Tremecs then they will be really notchy and thats what causes missed shifts. I bought my 3550 slightly used but it must have been broken-in easy because I didn't find it to be overly notchy and I only missed shifts when I tried to powershift at too high of an rpm.
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  4. You are right about the break in on Tremec 3550's. I have one that was gently broken in and it shifts fast and smooth, better than the T5's I have had. This is the second 89 Mustang that I have had the same 3550 in and it still drives and shifts great.

    Here's some info on face plating gears. The first picture is stock, the second is pro shifted and the third is face plated.
    See for more information
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