Expired Factory '05-'10 4.6 3v Intake Manifold And Throttle Body

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  1. Selling a used, fully functioning OEM intake manifold, throttle body, and charge motion control valves off of an '06 Mustang GT. I replaced them with the FRPP manifold and throttle body, but they worked and had zero issues before the swap. Approximately 40,000 miles on the set, so there is some oil buildup on the CMCVs, but the throttle body has been cleaned. I am located near Clarksville, Tennessee and will meet you in the middle, provided it is a reasonable distance, or ship at the buyer's cost. I will require payment prior to shipment. Asking $125 but will consider trade for '05-'10 new or used aftermarket parts. Thanks for looking.
    20140628_093754 (800x450).jpg
  2. Did you sell this?
  3. Sorry, I've been out of town for a month. No, I still have it.
  4. Jimmy,

    Sorry I bought another...Enjoy your weekend.
  5. It's all good.
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