Factory 5 Racing Plant Tour, March 13th 2004

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  1. Late Model Mustang Club of Connecticut, LMMC-CT
    Factory 5 Racing Plant Tour
    March 13th, 2004

    Link to Thread on LMMC-CT
    Date: Saturday March 13th, 2004
    Place: 9 Tow Road, Wareham, MA 02571
    Start Time: 10AM (Arrival)
    Status: Open to all
    Directions: Click Here

    Come join LMMC-CT as we take a tour of the Factory Five Plant. Where some of the baddest Ford powered kit cars come to live. Factory Five is most well known for its Cobra Kit Cars but also makes a few other types of kit cars.

    The tour should last about an hour. You are encouraged to ask question as they show us around their showroom and shop. We are looking to arrive there at approximately 10AM and start the tour sometime shortly after.

    When the tour is over we are welcome to hang out in the lot if it's a nice day.

    As usual we will arrange meet locations for a nice cruise up and back. The meet time and locations will be posted shortly.

    Please let us know if you plan on attending. We need to let them know how many people we are coming with so they can plan accordingly. :)
  2. These guys were across the street from Chatham Village Foods where I worked for a year or so. A couple of times when I was in the office on Saturday you could hear one of their Cobras with dumps on it drowning out all of our food processing equipment (and trust me, this equipment was loud!!!)
  3. Looking forward to this one! Although, it's going to kill me not having the car out yet after seeing all that. :flag:
  4. Me and two other people will be coming.
  5. Great! I see your in MA so just meet us there at 10AM
  6. Very friendly people. Great place to do business with...tour should last about 30 min.
  7. Details on the cruise? I'm not too far from Wareham, and since most of oyu will probably be coming from the direction of Providence, it would be pointless for me to drive that way, then come back to go to Wareham. I could, however wait at the rest stop in Swansea and when I see you guys go by, I'll catch up :D
  8. We're going 95 to 195 from CT.
  9. march 13 is too close for me to make it, but i've wanted to got there for the last 5 years. Although i think it will cause me to embark on another project i cant' afford.
  10. Myself and my gearhead in the making brother (still only 13) are planning on checking out. He lives in Bourne so it's an easy pick-up.

    They (Factory 5) once called me for an interview (computer stuff). Unfortunately I had already taken a new job and relocated. Doh! :doh:
  11. If anyone is interested the tour starts at 10AM!