Engine Factory Air Cleaner Assembly

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  1. I have a 1995 cobra with some ghetto "cold air" intake from ebay it looks like.
    I am trying to find the factory air cleaner assembly my question is..

    Is it the same assembly as a regular gt and the v6? they look identical.
    Whats the difference? Thank you!
  2. all the same, I believe, should hook right up. I can only imagine there being a difference in the size of the diameter of the intake arm that connects to the throttle body, which would be the same on a GT.
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  3. thank you very much now i can go buy one lol
  4. The GT and Cobra should be the same. I don't know about the V6, that one might be different.
  5. GT and Cobra are identical, this includes the MAF sensor. The MAF is calibrated fie the GT's 19lb injectors, and the Cobra's computer adjusts for the different injector size inside the computer.