Progress Thread factory airbox set up

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  1. Well whitey68, first off we can't tell if it is what you need if you don't post what car/setup you have. Second if you drive a 5.0 Fox Mustang, that is not ANY of what you need Pimp:nice:
  2. well i want to go back to a stock set up on the wifes 89 lx 5.0. it has a cold air pipe and cove filter on it know.
  3. Some more pictures for your benefit. On this installation, the ACT was moved from it's stock location on the intake manifold to the airbox. That's not the standard location, it was a mod done to facilitate installation of an Explorer intake.



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  4. That's not tha factory airbox for a 1989 Mustang. Looks like a newer Mustang 5.0 airbox.