factory stripe removal

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  1. has any one done this, or can i now order new at a reasonable price??
  2. ive heard that when you remove the stripes it messes up your clearcoat. idk for sure but id definately do some research!!
  3. stripe removal

    3m makes a spray that removes the stripes. It does not hurt the clearcoat.
  4. Be careful while doing this... it's not possible to order from Ford w\o stripes on the 500 ?
  5. Galpin Ford told me they do this a lot. Might give them a call?
  6. :Word:
  7. hi, i own my own detailing business, & have been doing vehicle's, bike's and boats for 30+ year's.
    and i've been told by many tint shop's ,that a steam machine removes tint, graphic's, vinyl etc, without any negitive side effect's.
    the only issue is this HOW long has it been on? if it is new, on for a month or 2 ,it will not leave any marks ,but if it has been on for a extended period of time, it will leave a mark.