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  1. Man!

    I've had the new Cobra for a month now, and have yet to drive it. As it is w/ me, every time I justify a repair, the "might as well do this, since I've got it up in the air" rationale takes over, and one thing leads to another:

    Since I've had it I've dropped the I.R.S., cleaned the entire unit and resealed the leaking diff.
    Cut the rear coils 5/8th's of a coil. Removed the engine and trans (originally it was just the trans for a clutch replacement, but the engine had a leaking pan gasket, so it was just as easy to pull the whole thing).
    Replaced the pan gasket, the rear main seal, the oil filter adapter gasket and o rings, the valve cover gaskets, the fuel filter, and water pump, and installed a 7&8 cyl head cooling mod.
    I've got all new brakes and two new front rotors sitting waiting on the day when I get close enough to install them so they wont just turn into rusty plates.
    Consequently, the removed engine and trans are now as clean as the day they were installed in 2003.
    A brand new Steel flywheel, Spec clutch, w/ new pilot and T/O bearing, fork and pivot ball.

    I have the yellow paint ( and enough of it) to repaint both bumpers and the rockers, but for now will only do the rear and rockers.

    I still have to remove the front springs to cut the 5/8ths of a coil off of them, then,.....I can finally go forward and put it all back together.

    Having a Cobra might be "all that" for alot of folks,..but I find that the community is full of kids.
    Today, the multitude of new edge cars are the obvious platform for the 21 and uppers, and the new edge non-Cobra forums are full of threads like " Can I remove my mufflers,...Flows aren't loud enough", and " How many coils can I cut to get my car to weed whacker height"

    The Cobra forums on the other hand, are all about making 500+ HP to the rear wheels, and/or running 9 second or faster 1/4's. Then there is the prick factor.
    Despite the fact that we know what the words Cobra mean on the back bumper,..to most lay people,..it's just another noisy ass mustang. (That just happens to make 400 WHP)

    Because of that, I now find myself entertaining the thought of selling it (when I finally get it running), and buying a nice, decent fox w/ the proceeds. From what I can see,..a car like mine should bring an easy 17k.
    Pay off would be 11.5. I'd net 5500.00 after payoff.

    Should be able to buy something for that,.....right?
  2. Mike, sorry to hear about the problems. I'd hate to see you sell it now that it looks like you have most of the work done to it. I think if you sell it, you are gonna 2nd guess yourself. At least wait until she's back together and you can enjoy driving her, then make the decision. You got a smokin deal on the car and who says the fox you buy won't have issues as well.

    And post some pics dammit!
  3. Dont sell it just because of the internet peeps that also own them. There are plenty of pricks that own new cars like mine, but that doesnt mean I have to be one of them. Im sure Husky can attest to how many stuck up folks own new Shelbys as well. If you like the car, and have fun in it then just keep it and enjoy it. Keep hanging out around here, and just go to those other forums if you need to search for a fix for something.
  4. Hey mine wasn't in terrible condition when I bought it but I bought mine for 3500
  5. I think you need to see a shrink Mike. I find in a lot of your posts you seem to be looking for acceptance from these car groups, which will never completely happen. There will be haters no matter what you drive, and few people will ever appreciate the work that goes into building a car. You have gone full circle with two cars that represent two extremes...the coupe was full custom "express myself" and got you more boos than cheers, people just didn't get it, the classic crowd called it a fake and the late model crowd called it one of the 10 worst or whatever they said. Now you've got something newer that would seemingly make you fit in, but since you don't have big horsepower and a simple thing like installing a steel flywheel gets you ripped on, it seems that unless you spend your entire life's savings on building it into a street going race car, they aren't going to let you into their click either. All the while...look where you do a lot of your posting, look who backs you on most of this stuff, look who takes the time to appreciate your work....5.0 Talk. Here's an idea, sell the Cobra and buy a clean stock 5.0 and start doing a period correct build. Go out and find some vintage '90s go fast parts and build something that's still fast by today's standards but is still vintage and will appeal to the Fox crowd.
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  6. I see it as he enjoys the process more than the car, lots of guys are like that.

    If you can pull a 5k profit do it.
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  7. I would tend to agree if it wasn't for all the posts mentioning how they hate on him. There seems to be a very strong emphasis on this part of it, and not so much about "yeah I build this car and it's great but I just sold it for a $5k profit".
  8. I bought an 04 Cobra last summer to be my DD (except in the winter), and I think I need to drop it by your garage some time... :) More seriously, I added exhaust, CAI, and tune to make 465 rwhp, along with some handling modifications, and I'm good with it - it's an awesome DD! 600 HP and such is not real useful on the street in a street car, and gets real expensive. The serious Cobra forums are also full of people blowing engines on a routine basis, because they are on the edge; but those same Cobra forums have a ton of useful information within, you just have to read a lot of it with a grain of salt. The real question is what do you want out of your car. You know, I really admire show cars, but I couldn't stand to own one - I want to drive the car, which means it won't stay super clean and perfect, but it's how I enjoy the cars. You know, my 04 Cobra is currently at 18K miles (I bought it at 12K miles), my 89 Mustang is at 278K miles, and my 67 Cougar is at 250K miles, and I've enjoyed every mile I've driven all three.
  9. lol

    Why am I not surprised you bought a car and then proceeded to completely rip it apart Mike. I would like another 99+ Mustang cause I like the way they look, I admit I was surprised when I logged in and saw a post with your sig. Foxes are cool though, I took mine out a few weeks ago after it had been sitting and I swear it attracted more attention then it ever has before. I guess these old Foxes are becoming a rarity.
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  10. Mike,

    Don't bail so easy! I stick it out, hang around on the new car forums, because once upon a time, I was a young dumb kid, who could barely figure out how to change my oil, and was looking to figure out how to build a 10 second car on a $800 mod budget, and it needed to go fast and look good too. Back then, there were old crusty guys who knew a lot and were patient to teach me, even though I was a bit of a prick.

    These kids have idolized Mustangs growing up--although more and more of them remember Foxes as the cars from back when they were kids. Heck, a bunch of them look at New Edge cars nostalgically. But Fast and Furious was their teacher, and many of them had to start their car days with a 4-banger import, because that's all they could afford (kinda like back when I was a young punk, and you could pick up a beater 65-66 coupe for $500, then throw on some air shocks, Cherry Bombs, and Keystones (couldn't afford Cragars back then), and you were a cruise night hero!

    I was at Lowes Friday night in the Shelby, and on the way out, passed a bunch of car guys hanging out at the far end of the parking lot. They all stopped and stared, yelled "Nice Car!", so I stopped. They were all driving tuner Speed3s. These guys are pretty much just like us when we were their age, but the cheap, mod-friendly cars are different now, and you tune with a touch-screen, not a screwdriver and timing light.

    Yeah, the Shelby guys tend to be some of the most un-friendly and judgmental. I won't fix them all, but most of the worst will move on now that the new Viper and Corvette are out, and hopefully us die-hard Mustang guys can prevail.

    The Termi boys need somebody like you, who will pull an engine to fix an oil pan gasket seep, instead of taking the car in to get someone to put their coil-overs on for them.

    Time to pay it forward, old man.
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  11. My response Mike? You can let the car define you or you can do what you do and define the car.
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  12. They're not problems per se'. It's what I would do regardless of what I own.

    That's the point......not really able to post up a progress thread in a forum where "the progress" doesn't really apply.

    You get the cookie. The point is I like this forum. I enjoy the blather, the support, criticism, and opinions that come from the community. As far as "fitting in" goes, I've spent alot of time here. I feel that I fit best here,..but the new car makes me an outsider.
    As "out there" as the coupe was,...it was still a fox. As far as forum participation goes, I see it as an investment. I really don't want to start over again building bridges to gain acceptance on the Cobra, when this is my club.

    The after posts about my encounters that came as a result of the last car, or decisions to go against the grain w/ the new car are just filler. (Something to talk about). Before you "shrink me" realize that I'm just talking about the day.

    The only thing that chaps my ass to this day,..is the SVTP thread voting the car as a top 10 fail at MW......but in the end I'll live.

    The reason for todays' post wasn't so much to bi tch,..as it was to announce that I'd rather drive a free fox than a Cobra, paid for monthly.

    Because,...If I gotta drive a car that "blends in,....at least it'll be clean.

    Bail too early? I've spent 100 hrs on my back already. All you gotta do Husky is read my forum content here. I try to "pay it forward" whenever I get a chance to contribute to the collective. I have to have something that works for the community in order to be of benefit though.
    It's not that I don't think I'll enjoy the Cobra,..(I know I will) It's just that whenever I run into one of my "life situations" like I did w/ the red fox,...I had a place to vent. Raving and ranting about the Cobra and the requisite obstacles you encounter trying to learn about it will be like posting engrish on a chinee speaking forum.
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  13. Meh... Never! I for one am always waiting to see what you're going to do next. Strange bird? Definitely. :p
  14. I own a lightning. I do not post on any of the svt forums. I can honestly say I like my lightning better than any mustang I have owned. Its fast enough for me. Its comfortable and i can use it to haul stuff when needed.
    I do not need some blathering idiots to approve of me or accept me. I am who I am. I drive what I want. If I like it I could care less if anyone else likes it.

    I post in this forum and the squeakywheel Because I like it here.

    Mike you dont need a fox to fit in here. You are already a member. Its like hair club for men. Once a member always a member.
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  15. I always look forward to your posts, regardless of the project at hand.
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  16. I deffinitley enjoy your wisdom and attention to detail for what it's worth !

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  17. It seems the general consensus is stop ****ing, keep the Cobra, and post pictures! We all like the Cobra's whether we would actual own one or not, so we will all watch and listen to you restore the entire car. Now everyone in for a group hug!
  18. Sell the Cobra buy a nice Fox with the profit

    Enjoy "free fox"
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  19. With your skills, I'd sell her and find me a Pantera and try to fit in with that crowd :D
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  20. Crap, if owning a Fox is required to come in here, I'm screwed. The only Fox I ever owned was the 91 LX I cannibalized for my 67 driveline. Keep the Cobra, post on the SVT forums, and come in here when you need kindred spirits.