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  1. Just post a progress thread in here. Does it really matter that there is an 03 cobra progress thread in the wrong talk section?
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  2. Pesky first world problems. It really doesn't matter what other people think of what you drive or what you've done to it. Have fun wrenching on it and enjoy driving it. Out of any crowd there will be people you get along with and lots you won't. Build it the way you want to, cruise with whom you want to.

    The cobra sounds like a fun ride to cruise around in for sure.
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  3. This is what I know about me and the cars I end up with.

    Since there are those that think I'm whack, I'll address that part first:

    I admit it.

    I have to live w/ two personalities every time I start one of these "projects."
    The Artsy fartsy side is the one that has me sitting in the garage staring at the car, (sometimes for hours) conceptualizing some idea
    for some modification, or improvement yet to be made. The problem with dealing with this guy is that keeping him happy requires something a little different than normal. It's why I blended two different decades together on the last car, why I like Fairmonts, why I put a twin turbo'd R block 363 in a Chrysler Conquest.

    Most of this guys threads always start w/ something like "Hey Yall,....watch this!"

    Conversely,..I guess it's also why I'd be frustrated w/ something like my previous rides, an 04 GTO, an 05 GTO, and NOW................the 2003 Cobra.
    Who in their right mind would "F" up any one of the above cars w/ anything beyond paint and wheels?:nonono: AND, how "different" is a paint job, and a set of shiny wheels anyway?

    The other personality is the same one that makes me a decent salesman. It's what makes all good salespeople good,..........
    You have to be liked.
    This dude is the one that does most of the pis sing and moaning when some landmark accomplishment got a luke warm reception,...or the entire project gets voted a complete fail.

    So you can see the paradox here,....I like to build stuff that isn't always popular,...and then get all ****y when it isn't.
    But like I said,....I already know that.

    In between all of that,..is the filler. This is the stuff from which a few folks here have come to decide I'm in need of psychiatric assistance. o_O I will tell anybody still reading that whether I'm bitc hing, or bragging, I wouldn't read too much into what I'm saying.
    I've always preferred to add a little more color into every story I write about, I find it makes for a better read. If I'm bitc hing, I'm not really as upset as I make it seem,....If I'm bragging,.......well.......... IN YO FACE!!!

    Regardless of whichever I'm doing,.....this is the place I choose to do both.
    Here, I have tenure.
    Here, I have seniority.
    Here, I'm bonafide.
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  4. Are you the only guy that actually read what I was saying?

    FREE FOX!!!
    FREE FOX!!!
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  5. Grover is giving you his 93 for free

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  6. I don't own a fox, in fact, this 03 is the first Ford I've ever owned. I started spending most of my time here mostly because my tapatalk just lists most recent posts regardless of where they are. Now I'm here cause it's the most active (and entertaining) vehicle specific forum here. You could post in the SN95 talk some. It could use some livening up. The mismatched cam thread was hilarious.

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  7. As long as you would never lower a 4x4 and slap some dubs with low-pro rubber...... I still don't get that one. There's nothing wrong with contemplating a build for hours and hours. My wife is constantly asking if I'm done buying parts because she knows I'm reading up on what I want to do and will eventually do it; drives her nuts. My idea of re-gearing has turned into gears, axle shafts, 5 bolt conversion, frame connectors............................top end kit and maybe, just maybe a new short block.

    Really though, why would you not mess about with a 10 year old cobra?
  8. Ugh, can't believe they are 10 years old already.

  9. He is??!!!
    Aww Right,.........I bet I've gotta drive all the way to where he lives to pick it up too............Dammmittt!!!:dammit:

    When I say I stare at the car,...that's what I'm doing. I'm not researching through part catalogs,...and I'm not undoing something I've already done.......I'm just sitting on a brake creeper,...and staring at it. o_O The grille on the last car evolved from me drawing the shape in the air w/ my finger while riding w/ my wife during a beach trip a few years back.

    As far as messing w/ the Cobra,......What do you think about this:

    There are two Zinc Yellow Cobras for sale. Both have 89k on them. Both are for sale for 17k. One has an upper pulley, CAI, Off road H, EGR delete, A ported blower, Headers, and is advertised as making over 480 HP to the rear wheels.
    The other, w/ the exception of a CAI and off road H, appears otherwise stock and is very clean.

    Which one do you buy?

    I always prefer the unmolested one (at least as it appears) to try and gauge how hard a life it has already lived.

    Despite the fact that these cars can make a buttload of power w/ just those few mods listed in the A example,..there are numerous threads where another Cobra dude's car is sitting w/ a hurt engine because of it.

    I do what I can to liven it up around here.:rolleyes:
    Did you read the one with the sawdust in the rear end? One of my personal favorites.:jester:

    And I can't post in the SN 95 forum,......I've already insulted everyone of them by publicly stating that I don't like the post fox NO Edge bodystyle.
    I prefer my scalp,..... thank you. I believe I'll just play here.:runaway:
  10. good to see its not just me when it comes to the owners....

  11. Yes.... :chin And don't think for a second that we've forgotten that you're to burn on a cross in the Mustang graveyard. :riot:
  12. It was dying anyway! It was kinda like an organ donor. :shrug: You know, "that others might live"? That makes me like, a Mustang hero, right?:runaway:

  14. Hahaha... Ok, you get a pass. We're watching you tho. :ninja:
  15. Sounds like my struggle to sell my wife's lifted jeep. Never had time to drive it and jeeple are cheap buggars. Got lucky though, old boss was looking for a jeep and needed to get rid of his fox first. We made a trade of sorts. Car pretty much sat for the last 8 years.

  16. Mike, I see you using your profit to buy a relatively solid 4-eye. I know you don't care for the aero front ends. Your 89 was a testimony to that.
  17. I see it the same way Scott,..... prefer the 85/86 cars to any other fox mustang.
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  18. Friend is building one mike you would appreciate the fab work , all done in his garage . Mini tub, section the roof with a junk yard roof for rust repair , through the floor subframes etc . Car is getting a 363 11:1 comp with a liberty tko and a 9 inch

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  19. Sounds like a drag car,....is he gonna street drive it?
  20. Yup he is gonna ... Snow meth kit on it Saleen sc wheels for the street and billet specialties for track wheels

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