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  1. The guys that hurt the engine are the ones who can't/won't pay for a proper tune for the modifications made.
  2. Mike, you know the story, you can run rich all day long, but lean ONCE. Most of the guys that have busted their Cobra motors either have a :poo:ty tune or turned the wick up too much. Just ONE more smaller pulley should do it, right? How many of those cars have we seen pushing out 500, 600, 700+ hp all day long with not one problem? Try that with a factory 5.0 pushrod motor.
  3. Yeah, I know that. The point was that it happens. I'm not worried about it in my case, after driving around happy w/ under 300 HP and even less torque on the red car, I'm confident that I'll be smurfy w/ the Cobras' power stock
  4. That only works for a few months...

    I was happy with my 95, almost, and thought my 13 was insane... but now I'm getting used to it. I think it's probably like crack. You can never have enough.
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  5. Well have to see I guess. First I gotta get the damn thing back together, and that starts when I'm not dead tired after working 12 hours daily.
    Regardless of that, I keep telling myself that I'm gonna put the eng/trans back in tonight since it's all bolted together, and hooked to the hoist. (I can't wait until the "artsy" side, (the whiner) and the salesman ( the bit cher) start going at each other tonight,... because we're all looking for an excuse to wait till the weekend) Guess I'm gonna have to play arbitrator again.;)

    Going fast is great,....having a bunch of super-hero power on tap would be great too. And I know it's as simple as putting on that little 2.8 upper, having the blower ported, adding a set of headers, and getting it tuned.
    Getting s hit gas milage as a result of a blower spinning 4000 rpm faster than it came stock to make that power is bad,.....especially since I intend it to be a DD.

    But again, well see how that goes.
  6. Im game with your plan Mike. Get it right, Sell it, and Pay cash for what you want.
  7. Good luck with that battle going on in the noggin... Post up some video!

    Last bit of advice (ok, probably not, but last bit for this post): Once you get the Termi going, and get a little taste of DD'ing with that kind of power (even stock), THEN go test drive a Fox.

    I was seriously trying to figure out how to keep the 95 last fall, after I got the 13. I hadn't driven the 95 in about 2 weeks, and decided to take her for a little spin, just for old time's sake. I still like the car, but it was a pretty disappointing drive, as the "exhilarating performance" that I remembered just wasn't there any more. It was going to take a KB to get it back to fun-to-drive. That made it easier to say goodbye. You might find that going back to a mild Fox build will not be the same.

    B-u-t, a Fox with at Termi transplant-- That sounds like a madmike project!
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  8. That is the point of a Fox, to make it what you want.

    Comparing a bolt on 95 GT to a 13 GT 500 and you like the Gt 500 better, I'm shocked....................
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  9. This is what I like about a fox:

    It's the closest thing to a true muscle car experience you can have w/o having a 1969 Mach 1 w/ a 428CJ in it, but with the added creature comforts, and safety features that come w/ a late 80's/early 90's car.

    I like the rough ride,..I like the small-ish feel, and I like the way they look. To me Nothing says step off faster than a mean assed notch set up w/ the right stuff.

    And,...I'm certainly not afraid to modify one as I see fit.
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  10. the 2013 GT500 is honestly STUPIDLY fast... but to a foxbody guy its just not the same. ive been 170+mph on a old air field runway in mexico in a pretty stock '13 and it was way to smooth for me to think of it as a mustang. smooth as the GTR we had going just as fast on the same runway
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  11. You guys missed my point-that kind of power is addictive, and once you've had it long enough to get used to it, a significantly less powerful car is going to disappoint, in my experience.
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  12. No, I got your point. And, I'm sure it's like every one of the "go fast" drugs I've been addicted to when I was drag racing. But I'm not ashamed to say that now that I've been clean from the Go fast (er) (est) drugs for a while now, I can still be around other people that run 4 second 1/8th miles w/o even the slightest itch to throw 40k away again.

    You just got to follow the program.

    *Hi, my name is Mike,..... and I used to throw money away to see how fast I could go in a really short distance.

    I'm sure I'll be content w/ a boring old 300HP 5.0 in a 2900 lb notch.
    I'll still be throwing money away,...but at least I can drive it.:cool:
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  13. Take it to a track day at that road course they opened in Ala. a few years ago. Barber motorsports park I think? Try going fast for more than 4 seconds while turning corners.

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  14. This! Who said anything about drag racing?
  15. I support the Fairmont idea.
  16. Yeah what happened to the Fairmont build?
  17. How do you get to do all this cool stuff. I want your life, sir.
  18. Quite true. I remember when I got my WRX my LX was still stock. I thought it (the LX) was fast when I was DD'ing a Neon. Then I got my Cobra, then I swapped the new motor into the LX. My Fox is a nice change of pace to my GT since it is actually faster.

    I agree with all this.
  19. For the love of God, 3 pages and no pictures?