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  1. I have friends with a lot of nice cars... One of them just picked up a new mcclaren
  2. See thread "Well...that wasn't fun".

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  3. The fairmont build got superseded by the Cobra. The fact that I was able to finance it made the cobra possible, where a fairmont would've drug out for a millennium. The pic that RD linked would've probably been something like the car I would be relegated to,.....driving a mind numbing slow assed straight six for who knows how long until I managed to stumble into some other power train.

    Let me think about that for a minute...... A 400 hp cobra,...or a "drive a stake to see if it's moving" 'Monty............hmmm that's a toughy.
    Aww shut up.....you know what the car looks like.....Go to the grocery store right now, and look in the parking lot,.......It looks just like any one of the other 7 new edge mustangs that are there at any given time, only w/o the 6 cylinder. And......mine has the functioning version of the hood you have standing up in the corner of your garage.

    **As a footnote,...I know that I could also buy a decent fairmont with the proceeds just as easily if not more so than a nice mustang ..but then what would be the point of that? Don't you guys think that once I buy a fairmont I'll be on here bitc hin' about the rest of the community that hates it?

    Besides, the wife looked over at my replies,..and said "if you even entertain the thought of selling that Cobra to buy another money pit like your last car,......we're gonna have a problem."

    I'm not quite ready to wage that battle just yet.........

    Did I tell you guys that I just bought a really cool ass Cobra?
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  4. Did you decide to keep it?
  5. I am commenting on the "Well that wasn't fun" thread,...kinda made it my progress thread.

    To answer your question,...too early to tell,....I just got it running yesterday.