Faint Whine In Power Steering

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  1. The pressure hose cracked on my power steering and I lost a bunch of fluid quickly. The good news is that I first heard the telltale groan of a pump low on fluid while pulling out of the garage, so I was able to pull back and and shut down without running the pump very long. I replaced the line and got what appears to be a leak-free seal on both ends. The reservoir is full and the fluid seems to go where it should.

    The only problem is that there is now a medium volume whine or whishing purr when the wheels are in the straight ahead direction, i.e. not turning. I think the sound is coming from the control valve. Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions on what might be causing this sound?
  2. Pump noise is the most likely culprit on every brand but the goofy Ford system. It is still where I would start if a good flush and thicker fluid does not quiet it down.
    I am afraid the whine from the driver's seat will not be so faint if you do not DIY. :-(
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  3. Heh.

    Thanks for both pieces of advice.