35th Anniv FAKE 35th on ebay

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by super302, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. CRAP, looks like i'm too late :fuss: :fuss: :fuss:

    emailed buyer to give him the heads up
  2. What was wrong with it? He never said he had a 35th Anniversary Edition Mustang GT for sale, just a 1999 35th mustang, so hes fine, all the 1999 mustangs are considered 35ths, thats why they all came with the 35th badges on the side.
  3. ya, he did
  4. You show me where he said he had a "1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary EDITION!!!!" or "A 35th Limited Edition" and I will paypal you $1,000,000 Cash....... Only thing I see is he said he had a "1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary" which he is correct, he does have a 1999 35th anniversary car, all 1999 mustangs are 35ths!....... Besides he only got 7.9K for the car anyways, give him a break. Go back on the 5.0 forums......
  5. I dont have a 5.0, and not every single '99 mustang is a 35th anniversary :notnice:

    this guy was obviously trying to make it sound like he had a special edition mustang, when its just a run of the mill 1999 gt
  6. If you dont have a 5.0, then what Mustang do you have since you said you were "a fellow mustang owner"? Judging by your name that says super302, and a 5.0 is a 302 C.I. mustang, I naturally just thought you had a 5.0, or are you being a poser like how you are saying this guy is? And your wrong about the 1999s, they ARE all 35ths, whether you believe it or not. Take it from someone who owns 2 of them, including a real 35th limited edition. Too bad there isnt another 35th owner that is on here to post that can confirm it....... Dont screw/bother with people trying to sell their cars on ebay because that is not cool, I know that guy too so that is why im saying all this. He had no false information in that auction so go about your business.... :owned:

  7. Woah Red!! Whats up dude? I think he emailed the guy and the details were changed before he could post it.....Chill out guys....I've seen more blatant ads for 1999 Mustangs that said they were "Limited".

    BTW, Yes all 1999 Mustangs are 35th badged, but not all are "Limited Editions".
  8. Sup voorhees, no nothing was changed in the auction, thats what it originally said, this guy just thinks hes the mustang police. Sorry, but it just irritates me when people argue about stuff they are wrong about and screw with REAL mustang owners when they are trying to sell their car on ebay!
  9. well.....soooorrrrryyy, i didn't know they all had the emblem on the sides, but when i read it, it sounded like he was trying to pass it off as a real limited edition, he said in the ad:

    "This Mustang is a rare find. The color combination in a 35th anniversary is rare."
  10. True blue is a very rare color for the 1999 35th, it might even be more rare than the color combinations for the REAL limited editions but i dont know. Sorry if i sounded like a dick ealier, but there is nothing wrong with any of the information in his auction and he is not trying to pass it off as a "limited edition", otherwise he would have said he had a "limited edition".

  11. :D Its "Atlantic Blue"......not "True".

    Production in that color: Atlantic Blue- 9,639