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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Personally I feel very fortunate to have a real Cobra, but does it bug any of you guys when people try to pass their mustangs off as cobras?

    A friend of mine has a 97 gt and over the summer he put on a rr hood, cobra front bumper and cobra rear bumper. He also put cobra badges on it..... :nonono:

    What do you guys think?
  2. Imposter cars are lame.. I don't care if people take a cobra hood, cobra front bumper, etc. But once they add a rear bumper with cobra letters, and cobra badges they are nothing better then ricers and their VTEC stickers.
  3. The hoods are alright and the bumper too (I still don't like to see them though). The thing I really hate is when they badge their GTs or V6's with Cobra emblems or the SVT badge. There is a kid at school with a nice looking 2001 or so GT with all the snakes and SVT emblems on it! I saw him while walking to my first class and was thinking about asking him where are his Cobra front brake calipers!?!?? Or why doesn't his steering wheel say Cobra and some other ****ty remarks, but I didn't. I just wish that he wouldn't have put the badges on the car when its not a real Cobra! Sorry for the long reply, just felt like typing for some odd reason. Later

  4. I totally agree with both of you guys.

    Very nicely put gray02gt... :nice:
  5. I agree.. switching out to Cobra body parts and rims doesn't bother me, but when someone starts putting on badges and telling everyone it is a Cobra, that's a different story. You know, someone is going to ask them to pop the hood to take a peek..... its kind of hard to get out of that situation though.
  6. I am someone who just thinks that the cobra hood and bumper as well as the headlight assembly would look better on my car (97 GT) and in general that combo looks great on the pre 99's but I would never ever badge it as a cobra or even tell people that it is, I am proud that I have a GT and will be proud until at some point I have a cobra. I guess if it is tastefull and not too "copy-cat" then it should be OK for us GT or even the 6er's to put cobra fascias on as long as we don't pretend that we have something we don't.
  7. I really like this combo HERE This is an example of what I would consider a tastefull display of Cobra parts w/o pretending to be such. Ken
  8. The way I see it, they make the payments on it so let them do what they want.
  9. good point but we (GT's) should never claim to be a cobra unless or until we have the performance to compete with a cobra, I would imagine that someone with a GT who is at or above the level of a Cobra would have more pride in acknowleging that we have a GT than can hang with and/or beat a cobra.

  10. I totally agree. especially if you take (in this case), your buddy fake-snaked a 97gt. they are about the slowest gt ever produced. half of todays family cars can lay waste to a 97gt. so every time this buddy of yours gets his arse handed to him, the ricers & bowties have fodder to say: cobras are slow. Even if he did lots of work to make it faster... its just not right...


  11. performance numbers does not make it "OK" to call your GT a cobra. LOL. That has nothing to do with it! :rolleyes: performance is relative to the money your willing to part with. ITS STILL NOT A COBRA. Never will be. So dont claim it to be a cobra! I had a very quick 99GT that could take a stock cobra, but i never had the presence of mind to make it a fake-snake. A GT-R maybe, but never a cobra. LOL

    another little story:
    My little cousin had a 94 v6 auto. he put all the snake emblems & body parts on it a while back. he got sick of getting screwed and beat up by civics. he removed the snake stuff as soon as he could. LOL
  12. I started a thread just like this a while ago.

    I had similar posts too.

    I think it's lame as hell and in very poor taste to be an imposter. Adding a few select parts that DON'T say COBRA on them is fine, same with rims. SVT rims look good on any mustang. The moment you bolt, tape, or glue any part that says Cobra onto a car that doesn't have the VIN to back it up, that's as ricey as a type R sticker on a ****subishi. You might as well go all the way and add the ugly primer body kit and a goofy ass wing installed upside down. This goes for badges too.

    And for the trolls who think "If it's faster than a cobra then it's ok" I call BS... Fast is just a part of it but not everything. There's much more to it than that, and if you don't drive a real one you won't understand. It's a matter of pride. Pride in ownership. Imitation is not flattery in this case. It's an insult. Any goober who builds an imposter car deserves the ridicule and embarassment they brought on themselves. It doesn't look good. Its posing at it's finest and it's lame as hell.

    You might as well stuff a pair of socks in the crotch of you pants. It's the exact same thing...

    To those who think "it's their ride, they paid for it, let em do what they want to it", I agree with you. Freedom is a wonderful thing. That isn't going to stop me from calling the losers out on their lameness at every opportunity though.

    Money can buy performance but it can never buy good taste. Just watch any episode of "Cribs" and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  13. So...Where Do I fall into play???

    I have a COBRAPOWEREDGT...


    Now I have a Cervinis Cobra R Hood


    The BAdges all stayed the same...
  14. Where did you get that filter setup from? I also just noticed your power pipe. Did you make it yourself with PVC?
  15. You say anything that says Cobra on it?
    What about the people who put on cobra intakes?
  17. I"m guessing that you've never driven a 96-98? Yes, we are slower (stock) than newer GT's and especially cobras but in no case are we the slowest GT's ever produced, and I have yet to see a family car that can lay wast to my GT, the only sedan that I have bothered to race is a BMW M3 that was faster than me and I have yet to get wasted by a ricer and of course LS1's and corvettes will beat me so what else is new, LS1's and Corvettes probably hand you your ass too. BTW I'm not the fake-snake 97gt that was initially reffered to, I have a 1997 GT that has all the factory badging and even the stock wheels. Yeah, if someone is paying for their car and they want to call their 6cyl. mustang a cobra because they put $$ into it to make it look like it then who cares and who cares if they try to race a much faster car that kills them and who cares if that person says "hey I just spanked a cobra" if they are knowledgeable they will realize that something isn't quite right.
  18. My quote used to be "If its not a black coupe with weld wheels, internet kiddies will call it rice"
    Im changing that to "If its not a black coupe or an 03 Cobra its rice"
  19. ....moving over to "talk." Carry on... :)
  20. I can't stand the fact that lots of people think my Cobra is fake because it has 'Mustang' on the back, not Cobra. Not everone is aware that 99's have this.
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