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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. There is a 97 v-6 around here that has Cobra badges on it, I stopped one day and left a note that said, " Your Mustang is a V-6. Why put Cobra badges on a six-cylinder? You should not be ashamed to drive a v-6, but putting the badges on your car is gay."
  2. Was your 99GT a green one? I got wasted by a green GT on the freeway a year or two ago. I think it was on I75 south around 696. It was a great run and the nice lookin gal driving got off on an exit so fast I didn't get to see much else but some kind of sticker on the back window.
  3. ac1122, nothing wrong with your car its great. You have a cobra motor and accessories, but you arent trying to say its a Cobra, but a really fast GT.
  4. ditto. People look at me like I'm lying when they ask me about my car because it says "mustang" on the back.
  5. OMFG LMAO. sorry bro, but i've obviously burned your britches. LOL. but i really didn't mean to offend. "IF IT LOOKS LIKE A BANANA ... AND IT TASTES LIKE A BANANA..."
    sorry to say, but your car in stock form is pretty slow by todays standards. Even when they were being produced, ford was only putting R&D into the cobra package. A GT is nothing more than an entry level "american musclecar". What makes it nice is that it is a relatively small, simple car w/ a V8 engine and a 5 speed tranny. But its a level 1, off the shelf motor. The same motor used in many many ford cars & trucks. No offence intended. And yes, i've driven many of them too...
    As for the family cars able to handle or run w/ a 96-98 GT? lets see, what comes to mind...

    Grand Prix gtp
    chrysler 300M
    various acruas
    new impala SS (now supercharged)
    bimmers (and you dont need an m-class to do it)
    olds auora (the 250hp v8 one)
    various lexi
    supercharged riveria........... to name a few that would give you a good run. I'm sure there are a few more...

    I say this not to hurt you, but to educate you. Its a fact!. Now, with all those seemingly mean things said, i hope you modify the **** out of your stang so you can handle those mazda mp'3's, WRX's, etc, etc...

    PS: no stock bowtie will hand me my ass (except the z06), but if modified, all bets are off (as it should be... lol)

    And as for your "competition" being knowledgable about your ride... dont count on it...
  6. Cobra parts are fine, just no rear bumperor snake embelms or grill. If you want all that stuff sell your GT and buy a cobra.
  7. well being that all the new v6 have the 99-01 Cobra hood i could care less about the parts just not the badges

    It really pisses me off when i get accused of having a fake snake. and it's mostly because of people miss badging and passing it off to people who don't any better.
  8. To each his own. :shrug: I have no problems with clones, be they Shelby, Saleen, or Cobra. The only time I would not like it is if the car was misrepresented as being the real deal when sold. Otherwise, if you'd rather build one than buy one, more power to you.

    The clones I really like are Cobras that were never available, like '93 coupes & convertibles, or an '00 R convertible, I'd love that. Or a clone in the correct body style but a different color.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  9. The Filter is part of the Pro-M 80mm Meter...As for the PowerPipe yes I made it using PVC at Home Depot...I wasted a ton of money on my old CAI so I made this one for 25 Bucks...

    The best part about looking stock is People dont know what hit em when they get smoked :nice:
  10. no Fake Badges!!!!!!!
  11. I just saw a snake today on an extended cab F-150. It made me smile cause it was in the right side of the tailgate of all places. Maybe the guy has a cobra at home? :shrug: Or some poor [email protected]&^ only has one snake now! When I had my GT I changed the badges to 4.6 high performace because they looked way better than the GT badges and mine was the only GT that I've seen with them. I removed the GT badge from the rear all together. One guy where I work has a V-6 stang with almost every badge you can think of on the side, I'll have to take a picture of it sometime :rlaugh: It has a MACH 1 badge, a Snake, a steeda emblem, supercharged, and the stock badging. I'm sure I left out a few, it is a contradiction on wheels, but it's his car. :nice:
  12. I have ordered an 04 cobra and it is being sent to PHP to modded a hell of alot. The Cobra is fast bonestock but when modded there are very few cars that can beat it. My car will be well over 500HP 490RWHP. I agree also about badging a GT with Cobra emblems.....LAME :notnice:
  13. i saw some guy driving a V6 stang with foglight the GT hoop scoop gt wheels and gt badges... but had single exhaust :nonono:

    mis-badging is the gayest :notnice:
  14. People who put cobra emblems on there lesser cars are people who dont do stuff to them and try to pass off their car to people who dont know jack. Any person who pimps out their mustang knows that imposting is qweer and they should be pround to have a better car than stock.
  15. Or a white '84 GT that I see around here with the only mods being clear corners, hood pins, and cobra emblems. :nonono:
  16. OK...my.02:

    I was ready to add a Cobra front bumper cover to my GT before I bought my new car. The badges I wouldn't do, I didn't want a "fake" cobra, I just like the looks of the front end.

    The hoods? Who cares here, they all benefit from the Cobra or "R" looks. The rear bumper cover, and the emblems bother me if the car is not as fast or faster than a real Cobra. I don't want my car confused with a "cloned" 6 cylinder.

    Shelby, Boss and Mach clones have been around for years, some of them are very cool. There's a 1970 Boss 429 COUPE clone (phantom?) near me that's sweet, but that's got a real 429!

    I'd much rather other Mustang owners would spend their dough making them fast, instead of "cloning". Or just do like I did and join the SVT team!
  17. you can wear the skirt, just don't call yourself a lady. cobra parts ok, badges no.

  18. Yes, I hate getting asked if my 94 is a real cobra as well because of the hood and the rear bumper were the same as the v6's. Ive even had fellow cobra owners in the area ask if it was real, none of them beleive me til I pop the hood.
  19. this reminds of a funny day this summer when i was in town talkin w/ a freind who drives a 98 camaro ls1 but he has ss hood and wing (z28 badges tho)..but this kid pulls up and says to me.. thats not a cobra that a gt he tottaly called me out and said wheres the snake in the front and why does it say mustang in the back?? we both just laughed at first so i said to him theres only one way to find out huh??

    then my freind in the Z says this isnt a SS but i still whipe the floor with ya too... so he says he has stuff to do but he was gonna find us later...
    needless to say he didnt come back that night
  20. for you 1999 cobra guys, just buy the 2001 bumper cover and be done with it. But untill then, just point to the SVT emblem on the truck that says SVT Cobra and ask them what years they had that badge for.

    Or you can just pop the hood and show them the snake on the intake cover or the niche line signature plate on the valve cover...
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