Fake Snakes.....opinion???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. LOL, yea. one night this guy kid with a 96+ cobra thought that the wing on my car was off a grand am because it wasnt like his. I just laughed.
  2. yea i say to anyone who isnt educated on 99 cobras or cars for that matter just make them find out the hard way thats usually good for a $$$ or some good laughes either way...

    i am totaling against fake snakes...... it makes us with cobras mostly look bad cause some gt stock w/ cobra badges is still slow...and gives gm guys more braggin rits evenif it is fake most ppl dont know that.........
  3. well I own a "fake snake", so heres my input :)

    When I got the car, I knew it was a GT with cobra emblems. hood, bumpers, and the mystic paint similar to the 96 cobras. That was fine with me! all I wanted was a v8 and a mustang and I was happy!

    I see alot of negativity (sp) towards people with fake snakes in here.. are you mad at the people who are trying to pass off their GT/V6 as a cobra? or people that make them f-obras in general? I personally wouldnt spend all that money to make a car look like one, but his loss was my gain, I got it a great price.

    When I moved to Memphis, I joined the local SVTOA, they all LOVE the car and could care less if it was a cobra or not! (and most of these people have 03 cobras and are huge mustang fans)

    When someone asks me what it is, I tell them its a Cobra Clone, its really a GT, some people lose the "suprised, and shocked" expression that they had seen a real mystic cobra, but I still get complimented on the car nevertheless, some just dont care! its still a mustang to them! :flag:

    but yes, If I bought a GT (stock), I think it would be moronic to try and fake a cobra. Everyone has told me DONT switch mine back to a GT, and I cant becasue to get a GT bumper painted mystic is well over 700$
    So you see, im kinda stuck, Having a GT with a bumper that says "COBRA" is kinda odd... the person that owned it before me must have been a dumba## :bang:

    so thats where my username came from, my car is a mysticgt 1st and a fobra 2nd, and sonner or later I hope to own a real cobra! :nice:
  4. I kind of agree I hate when people put snake logo's on their car especially V6's. But I believe a lot of ppl go with the hoods and bumper b/c they are one of the best looking hoods and bumpers you can get for a stang.
    Here is my MUTANT car its an 00 GT but 01 Headlights, side scoops and hood scoop, 18" Y2K cobra rims
    [​IMG] Notice the new fender Emblems
    [​IMG] Its all cleaned up now thou
  5. While I'm not knocking your car, it probably cost more to turn it into a Cobra than the original cost of a real Cobra, but sounds cool anyway.

    You made me take notice though, you have an SVTOA membership??? The name itself spells out the membership roster.

    I didn't even surf the SVT forums until I was looking at and bought a Cobra. I was proud to have a GT and was not interested in joining Cobra clubs, I spent my money making it faster and personalizing it.

    I have a couple of Jeep Wranglers but I don't want to join the local Hummer club even if I do hang out with those guys!
  6. like I said, the person who owned it before me must have spent 20k in the paint, wheels, hood, bumpers and such to transform it, I only paid 6k for it, I wouldnt dare spend that much to fake a cobra, your right I would just buy one.

    the SVTOA club here, has about 7 GT's, 2 V6's and 9 cobras, and about 2 lightnings, I fit in just fine there. I wanted to join a fun mustang club and thats what I got
  7. modding your car to look like something it is not is gay, end of story!
  8. Im assuming that Mr. E does not have a cobra.
  9. no Mr. E doesn't have a cobra. but If I had a gt I sure wouldn't put cobra or saleen stuff on it. thats posuer talk :nonono:
  10. I really could care less what people do to their cars. It's when they start calling it a Cobra when it isn't, that can rub me the wrong way. I also don't understand the "it's faster than a Cobra so it deserves the emblems/body more than a Cobra". Wrong, there is more to Cobra's than performance, it's called exclusivity.
  11. I don't like when people put Cobra badges on there car either, even when they throw the whole body package it kinda rubs me the wrong way....oh well. One time after going out of town for a few days I made the mistake of leaving my car outside (now garage queen). When I got back I noticed somebody stole all my badges, even the svt wheel cap deals. needless to say I wanted to kill somebody.....so when I went to buy the emblems to replace them the guy at the parts counter asked me if I owned an original Cobra or a GT........after feeling like he wasn't gonna believe me either way I told him "yes I do own a Cobra" I still don't think he believed me :nonono:
  12. How does it figure by me having put a 96-98 Cobra rear bumper on my 95 Cobra? Not posing as a 4-Six is it? I just didn't want people thinking I had a GT so I did that and the snake Grille emblem. Also have an R hood and it's not an R. Saleen tails too whenever saleen decides to ship them finally. Guess my Cobra's a mutt.
  13. ok ok ok i always dog on all the V6's here in town that put Gt emblems on their cars but it looks like im turning into one of them. I found a 93 GT with a blown motor that i am going to buy and make it look like a 93 Cobra. I have an almost exact engine out of a 93 cobra and i am going to put the ground effects and wing and taillights.....the whole works. im not trying to be an imposter and if anyone asks i will tell them its just a GT. i just love the way the 93 cobras look and i want one bad. but im not going to spend 12 grand on a good one when i can build a fake for 4. yes i even have the 93 cobra rims. sorry for being an imposter, i just like the way they look. :shrug:
  14. They can do all they want as long as they don't change the badges out.

    What'd be really funny is if the Cobra guys tried to make their cars look like GTs. I think then the GT guys would stop trying to play make believe.

    I'll admit I have a Cobra bumper, and I've got some side skirts on the way. But I'll never put Cobra emblems on my fenders, an SVT emblem on my trunk or a Cobra rear bumper on my car.

    Damn, I love the Cobras.
  15. When I TT my 93 Cobra I installed my 93 Cobra drivetrain into my 90 GT, all the way to the rear-end. If I were to put the ground effects on it you would think it was a real cobra. But I would rather people think it is a GT. Although the cobra motor is modded too.

    I just bought a 03 Cobra front bumper for my brothers GT for christmas. He was in a fender bender and needed a new one and those look so much nicer than the GT's. A lot of people put the ground effects on cause they look nicer not cause they wanna be a cobra.
  16. Speakin of Fake snakes

    I saw a Green 96-98 GT today with cobra emblems, SVT decklid emblem (in the wrong place and crooked). But the rest of the stang was factory GT. the 17 inch 96-98 rims and the Mustang GT rear bumper.
  17. "Don't p!ss in my cornflakes and tell me its milk"

    Don't rice out your GT and tell me it's a Cobra either. :p

    Actually, I don't care what people do to their cars. I've only seen a few fake snakes in my life, and all were GT's that just had the bumper, and badges. Any true enthusiast can usually spot a fake snake.

    I feel privilaged to own a car that soo many people admire. Theres something about having a Mustang Cobra that turns heads. It's a rare vehicle, and gets put in a different respected catagory. I love it.
  18. What can I say? You're totally right. I just happend to buy a Mustang the year they didn't make Cobras. So now everytime I seen a Cobra, I'm a little jealous. My car has been for sale in the past, but I'm accepting the decision I made when I purchased it. I wish I had a Cobra. But I'll never put Cobra badges on my fenders, an SVT emblem on my trunk, or a Cobra rear bumper on my car.
  19. I do not really fault people who want to use Cobra parts on their cars. I just do not understand the need to "badge" it as a Cobra. I have seen a couple of GT's that have had an entire Summit catalog thrown into them and then they badge them? Why? You have a awesome car that you have spent a huge amount of money on and you take some of the greatness out of it by pretending that it is something else. I just do not understand that. You don't need no stinkin' badges.

    As for those that put Cobra badges on their V6... :shrug:

  20. I had a really sweet laser red 95 GT Convertible, but after driving a friends Cobra coupe I knew I really wanted a Cobra convertible. So you know what I did? I searched the internet until I found a really sweet laser red Cobra Convertible. Took a whole month to find it, a four hour drive to pick it up, and the price difference set me back about a total of about $5800. Was worth every penny.
    I really loved that GT, but would have no sonner have stuck a snake emblem on as I would have a Porsche emblem.
    Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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