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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. I don't mind too much of the GT's trying to be Cobra's, but what does bother me is the guy at school with a Taurus SHO with SVT emblems on it.
  2. It's a big problem out in california....I see a lot of V6's with cobra symbols....a barely souped up honda thinks he's beating a cobra which gives us actual cobra owners a bad name. I wouldn't really mind it if it was like a gt with a supercharger or something with the appropriate power level. Whatever, to each his own.
  3. I was with a girl the other day driving to my house when I see a black mustang behind me with the snake in the grille speed up. I slow down, give it a little revv to get his attention, and to my dismay it was a crappy V6, ugly rims, limp d!ck exhaust and all. I preceeded to roll up my windows and just look in the other direction in disgust :nonono:
  4. I too don't like it when people make their cars out to be something it isn't. I'm not sure what there is to gain by doing such a thing. I have no problems with my '99 Cobra having "MUSTANG" on the bumper. Why should I be bothered if I know I have a Cobra, yet nobody believes it because what the bumper says. That is entertaining ignorance, in my opinion. I have enough badging from the factory for everyone to know what it is. I did add a cobra grill emblem so I can have it covered from all sides. That being said, no matter what we say, people are still going to do what they are going to do and have to right to do so since they're spending their hard earned money to be a imitator. My $.02
  5. I think clones are ok as long as you dont try to pass it off as the real thing. My g/f showed some interest in the 99+ GT's so we started looking on cardomain so she could see how badass they could look. we found a pic of a cobra R and she fell in love. she asked how much they are and i told her well over $100k. but i mentioned making one. it seems like a good idea to me. i've been driving mustangs since i got my licence so i have respect for SVT. I wanted to make her a black cobra R (so it would obviously not be real). I was planning on doing it all. front grille, bumper and splitter, wing, V6 rear bumper, borla side exhaust, wheels, brembos, etc. but it would be a nicer daily then a cobra R since it will still have A/C, radio, back seat and all of the other creature comforts. but by no means do i plan on leaving the motor stock. it would either be exchanged for a 4v or leave the 2v in and add a kenne bell. i'd do some suspension work also so it would be a nice car. i dont see the harm in making a cobra R or any type of cobra clone as long as you dont try to convince people its real.
  6. pissed

    i just bought myself a cobra, and that pisses me off that loosers are trying to pass off their GT's, which are anything but equal to a cobra, as cobras. thats just an insult
  7. i like the 2000 style hood and bumber alot but i would never put a snake or the word cobra on my car. and does any one know if they make a 2000 style front bumper for a 94-98 stang?
  8. I did come across a lincoln MarkVIII the other day with...get this 95 Cobra R rims, Cobra badges on the fenders, and an SVT emblem on the trunk.

    Why god do people do these things??????
  9. i ran across a lincoln Mk VIII the other day, it had lincoln badges and Mk VIII markings. looked bone stock except for the exhaust. yeah....

    it had a Built '01 4v in it putting about 450 to the ground :worship:
  10. I bought my 97 Cobra brand new when I was still in College. One day a bunch of kids gathered around and asked if it was the real thing. I said yes, it has the hood the bumpers the badges the gauges, the wheels, steering wheel, etc. They still didn't believe it. They claimed it was a GT and I added all that stuff to it. So, with no other options I popped the hood..........silence........."oh, it is a cobra, sorry." I don't care, do what you want with your car, but I hate when people accuse me of having a fake. I now carry my SVT Certificate and window sticker to prove it is real. I also own a 93 but no one ever questioned me about that one.
  11. Awsome car! :nice:

    and that's what it is; a COBRAPOWEREDGT...it's not a Cobra...nice car but not a Cobra.
    You didn't play off that you have a factory Cobra.
  12. I live in a town that doesnt exactly have a big race scene (central KY is like that) but I have bumped into a v6 with cobra badges on it. Now if anyone has found my other posts on this forum the know i dont really have a Cobra....i have a Slowbra. (wounded engine, 147 rwhp. dont know why.) I ran into this kid at a light a few nights later and put him to shame with my busted car.....his own damn fault. Screw people who do that to mustangs.
  13. i saw a towncar with a cobra engine in it on cardomain
  14. Mark VIII's have the 4.6 DOHC engine, though detuned a bit from Cobra spec. sounds like a cool car to me. :shrug:
  15. So... what about Saleen aftermarket... is the entire kit ok without the badges, even though it has SALEEN on the rear bumper cover? Or is that taboo even though they are a body kit supplier first, and a vehicle developer 2nd?

    IMO, if I badged the car as a S281, it would be like a GT putting on V6 badges.

  16. Now thats one helluva sleeper!!!!!! not to mention cool as hell
  17. No Go

    I have a 98GT and i have a 2000Cobra R hood...which is for looks. My car looks great...but putting the Cobra badges on the car... :notnice: thats a no-go. I *HATE* it when people do this. Especially when they are V6 stock cars, with just body kits and cobra badges!!! I dont even have a cobra and that drives me nuts. I can understand if you have a REALLY fast GT, and you can smoke cobras...so you feel like you want to be cool and put the badges on your car THEN...thats different...i guess. I still say its a no go. I love cobras and would love to trade my GT in for one, but would never put cobra, saleen, roush badges, stickers, whatever! on my car....Big :notnice: just lik someone said, thats the ricers with the "VTEC" or "R" on their car....i also hate GT owners with those GTR logos... :bs:
  18. I'd also like to add...that i think having V6's or GT's put Cobra emblems on the car is also a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'ty idea beacuse when they pull up on a ricer, camaro, whatever...and get BLOWN away...now you got that guy thinking he just smoked a cobra...and he didn't...so long story short...take those fake badges off. period.
  19. Well I have a 90' GT with cobra r hood/rims, and no I didn't rebadge the car. It's a get no matter what. But if you run my vin is states that I have a gt-cobra, so what would I be faking? I love how the cobras look, but I take more pride in having a gt that can run with the cobras anyday. Both cars are mustangs no matter how you look at it.
  20. did your car come from canada tormenting5.0? i've heard of a few canadians saying that their VIN came back saying their car was a GT-Cobra. maybe that was something FoMoCo did with the GTs exported to canada :shrug:
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