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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. ooooo.. people making "phoney Cobras"!!! Oh the horror!

    from what I have seen here.. it looks like (none are my words)

    1) its gay
    2) its ok as long as they are fast enough
    3) its never ok

    Imagine.. the elitist bs that some "mustang" owners spit out.. the "you arent as good as us" crap. Would you also say that modifying a cobra is horrible and ruining the purity of the car? Perhaps then it would be better to modify a GT...

    I have seen V6s with Cobra emblems.. and yeah I think its stupid.. but then again I am knowledgeable enough to know that it simply isnt a cobra. Making a replica is fine to me as long as you don't try to pass it off as an authentic SVT car (selling it, etc).

    I always tell people to do what they want..

    as for my GT, it has more power, better handling, better brakes and the OEM look of a 93 Cobra. And if anyone thinks its 'real' then they arent mustang educated.. unless ford made Cobras in 1988 which had t-tops and were AOD :)

    enjoy your vehicles ladies and gentlemen. I love the 93 Cobra.
  2. I have a problem with people thinking their car is something it isn't. I really like the look of the 5.0 badge but it has nothing to do with my car.

    Adam, i'm not sure where you're getting the elitist attitude from. This topiic hasn't had any of that in it and I think you're bringing in some previously formed opinion into the discussion.
  3. Hey, I just got back from lunch and some guy at the deli was talking about Mustangs. Bragging about how he picked up a Cobra convertabile for cheap. So I jumped in to find out more and it turns this guy bought the one, the only 1993 Cobra convertable. Claims the car cost him $6,500 and has only 43K miles. Now, everyone knows that Ford never built an 93 Cobra Vert. I have a 93 Cobra, I know all there is to know, so I decide to edumakate this fool. So, what's he do next, whips out pics to prove this theory. Ok, he got pics of a silver 93 mustang convertable, with the 93 cobra body kit, bumpers, grill, etc. and wheels. It even had a wing on the trunk. I think Cervini has makes one for coupes and verts. Oh lets not forget the badges. He even had pics of under the hood. Now lets break this all down, 1.) Ford did not build a 1993 Cobra vert, enough said there, but lets move on, 2.) 1993 Cobra's were not offered in silver w/red interior, 3.) The Cobra badges on the fender faced opposite directions in 93, drivers faces rear, pass. faces front, 4.) The 93 Cobra had a cobra intake among other different engine parts, not a 5.0 Mustang GT intake, and 5.) White face gauges were not stock on the Cobra in 93. There are more errors but I think I proved my point. He was speechless. Don't get me wrong, the car looked beautiful, very clean and tastefully done, even down to the taillights, but don't try to pass it off as a cobra because someone will come along, like me, and make a fool of you.
  4. Perhaps....

    But when someone (especially mustang bretheren) gets upset because someone cares to replicate those points of a car on their own automobile.. it appears elitist to me.

    Perhaps you could look at it this way.. we are paying homage to the SVT cars since they are indeed the best of the breed from Ford.

    Their look is classic and muscular.. what mustang in their right mind wouldnt want the look? As for someone saying theirs is an SVT when its not.. well I agree thats wrong. Wrong, ignorant and a lie. But like I said those of us who know anything about SVT wont fall for it, will we...

  5. I think the point is that, do what ever you want to your car, just don't go around talking smack, saying its something its not. You see it all to often, someone puts the badges on and they think they have a Cobra. Enjoy the badges, but if someone asks if its a real Cobra, don't argue with them if its not.
  6. I don't care if you like to put snakes on your car, just understand that every cobra owner is going to be laughing their ass off at you and see you as a wannabe who couldn't afford the real deal. I mean, GT and 5.0 owners do it to the 4-bangers and v6ers who change their badges, right?

    Go ahead and put cobra badges on... but you'll be seeing tears of laughter from me as I spot your GT brakes, Steering wheel, live axle.... whatnot...
  7. [​IMG]
    :shrug: :shrug:

    Incidently, I dont have the snakes on my car.. but when I did had the 'correct' ones on it.

    I see your reasoning... most of you.. but I dont think an SVT owner would laugh at a well done replica... quite the contrary, many Cobra owners give me nice compliments... and of course I return them.
  8. You think that is a replica? Those 99/01 and brakes came stock on your 88 GT?? lol... if you paid attention to detail, then I'll give you :nice: ... but mismatching parts doesn't make it "ok" to put the SVT, Cobra badges on it.

    If you are going to make a replica, then you have to look at the finer details.

    Throwing on parts on your '88 from the 94+ mustangs does not make it a clone. Dress to taste, but badging it still makes you look cheesy.
  9. I have no idea what point you are attempting to make... but I'll reply as best I can..

    no those brakes and wheels didnt come stock. I chose the best of the breed and quite simply the newer Cobra brake system is superior to the 93 Cobra brake system.

    I did choose the finer details in the body cladding. Having a "GT" allows me to select what I feel is best about SVT heritage...

    I probably forgot more about the 93 cobra than you will ever learn.

    But Im not looking to get into a ****ing match. Your 03 cobra is probably very nice. I have driven quite a few from stockers to ones with way more power than yours has. And I am impressed to say the least. Would I love to have an 03? kinda.. I just want the engine.. :)

    btw, my car has no badges on it except for the ford oval on the rear deck.
  10. I don't have a problem with people running cobra parts(brakes, wheels, engine parts, etc) but I do have a problem with putting the badges, SVT emblem, and the rear "cobra" bumper on non cobras. To me that is claiming that your car is a cobra.
    I don't see why people are not proud of what they own anymore. Whats wrong with owning a bad ass GT or LX, why put cobra badges on it. If you want people to think that your mustang is not the average V8 stang out there you don't need cobra badges all they have to do is listen to it. Also the cobra was pretty slow until 03, so why put the badges of a mid 13 sec car on your modified mustang.
  11. Do what ever you want to your car. Just don't argue with someone who knows it's not what you claim it to be. I'm not saying to go around telling everyone, "hey I own a GT that a fake Cobra." But if someone walks up to you and says "hey that not a real Cobra," don't sit there a argue that it is. There are some bada$$ GT and LX out there that would put a Cobra to shame. That's fine. I don't think I'm better than anyone because I have a Cobra, yeah it cost $5-10K more than a GT but someone with a GT could have over that invested in making it better than a Cobra. Just don't argue and fight about something that isn't true. I own to real Cobras a 93 and 97, both are SVT documented and I bought them both brand new. I hate sometimes when people try to claim mine are fakes, so now I carry my SVT certificates with me. Makes things a lot easier.
  12. Well now......

    As being a former Cobra owner myself and a Mustang Enthuisaist for my lifespan, I hate to see badges a car where they don't belong but I dont loose sleep over it. For instance there was some prick at my school who had a 97 V6 Stang same color, same rims and did a dual exhaust as a V8 and looked just like my old car. Everyone thought that was my car. Now, that was an insult! SO I had to sell it...j/k :rlaugh:

    On the other hand if someone has a GT and Cobra-ize it, well what's the big deal? I think as long as it's in good taste it's fine with me. If it's a replica, well that's cool too. Not all people have the $ to buy the SVT, so they go about attaining their dream in thier own way. In the end, people will do what they want with thier property.

    OH wait...I almost forgot. To "Friedchicken" and all those who don't know or haven't seen Adam Dugger's Stang, you would eat your words if you saw it in person. Clean, sweet and fast is how I would describe it. He don't have Cobra badges on it, he never once claimed it was a Cobra...so I don't see what the problem is. One more thing...isnt one of the best things about owning a Mustang is that you can modify it to your liking? Well Adam chose to go with retrofitted OEM parts and thats a big reason why his car is so clean looking.

    Maybe just some ignorance going around. Ever since Ford approved SVT to slap an Eaton on the little 4.6 some Cobra guys are getting what I call "Z06 Diesese" aka being a dick...

    Let's all stick together folks...
  13. haha that guy was an idiot

    that is so funny, i hate when people have fake badges. i have a blk 93 cobra stock right now and i love it. my friend had 1990 gt with fake badges on it and i called it a fobra, lol don't try to be something you're not. that is what i have to say about that. you really gave it to him, i would have went off. lol red interior give me a break. and silver. 93 cobra only came in three colors. and the interior really 2 colors cloth, leather, black cloth and gray leather or cloth right? lol mine is blk ext and grey cloth int, with sun roof. tape player, i think mine might be a rare combo. with the sunroof and cloth. anyway thanks for letting me vent too.
  14. 1. I have no issue with someone putting the cobra parts on their car.
    2. If you are going to clone a cobra, then don't mix-match generations and call it a clone.
    3. You can have a clone, but that does not give you an excuse to put on fake badges.

    I assume that "Z06 Diesese" comment is directed towards me, but the rules are no different when you see a V6er put on GT badges. He doesn't have the badges on now, but he "did" and he was defending it. All along I have maintained that everything else is ok as long as you don't misbadge. I'm not the only one here who agrees it's wrong... but I am being a dick cause I drive an 03 cobra? Pretty hypocritical. Funny thing is, I thought misbadging was wrong years before they made an 03 cobra.
  15. 1. No you are not a dick b/c you drive an 03 Cobra, not at all. I know many chill people who have 03 Cobras, in fact I want to get an 03 Cobra myself. The "Z06 Diesese" comment is directed at anyone who thinks they are "the 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'" and that they think they "own the fastest car around" and are "above anyone else." That pretty much descibes some Vette Owners and most Z06'ers I have come across on the street, car shows or on the internet. Unforutantely that type of mentality is apparent in a few 03 Cobra guys I have noticed. It's interesting fact, and you can ask any salesman at a SVT dealership, that A LOT of 03 Cobra customers when the car first hit showrooms in 2002 never had owned a Mustang before. There was a lot of crossover. That probably explains some of the "unMustang like" characteristics of some of the people I am referring to. From what I have seen the Mustang guys and community usually sticks together, which is one thing that I think makes us stand apart from everyone else.

    2. Oh no....Mixing and Matching generations? Who the hell are you to instill "rules" to modifiy your car to your liking? Everyone has thier own style. Some may like it some may not, and if you are a ricer you'll prob get laughed at by everyone but that's def not the case here. Adam smartly upgraded to Sn-95 Cobra brakes just like any hi-po Fox owner should do and guess what, that called for 5 lug rims. I guess he couldn't rock the 93 Cobra rims b/c theyre in 4 lug. Anyway I think the 99 Cobra rims look better on the fox than on the car it came on...Oh yeah well it's his car and chooses to pick the parts that work the best together as many of us do when building our cars. Owning a fox Mustang, that usually means using SN-95 parts or parts from newer Mustangs.

    3. I don't think there's much confusion whether his car is a Cobra or not. 93 Cobra's weren't white, had T-tops, or were available with an auto. So quit your whining. I think everyone is a little uptight about this. I mean, I hated it myself when people would ask me if my Cobra was real or if it was a 5spd and like someone else said carried the SVT certificate with them. It is one thing to make the car of your dreams which borrows a little from the 93 Cobra and a little from the 99 Cobra but never once claims it is a Cobra then to have a 4cyl, V6, LX, or GT and Cobra-badge it and claim it is a Cobra.
  16. Kinda like fake boobs. Nice to look at but not nearly as good as the real thing
  17. I've been in the market for a Cobra for about 2 weeks now, and right after I started looking a friend from work said he knew of a guy selling a 2001 Cobra with a 2003 body kit on it: hood, front and rear fascias, and spolier. I had him call up said buddy and check on a price. The guy agreed to the price I had offered (15,000), so I asked him for the VIN number so I could run a carfax on it. I ran the report. First thing, a little alert pops up saying it's had a salvage title. Next thing I notice is it has had 4 or more owners. Three of them very recently. Weird. And then the whopper: according to carfax, it was a GT! Not a Cobra. And the guy on the phone said it was a cobra.

    By now I was very curious, so I went for a test drive. I checked out back... solid rear axle. I looked under the hood... GT engine. I asked the seller what the hell was up with it, it's not a cobra, it's a GT with a Cobra kit and badges on it. He said "yeah, they converted a GT into a Cobra". Sure, they might have got a new body kit on it, but they missed everything else. Well, to his credit, there was a Cobra brake system on it. What a tard.
  18. Verbal.. thats not a replica.. thats a thief...

    Thanks for the support Mike... I think there are 2 types of people in this thread.

    people who think its wrong to pass off a 'fake' as an SVT (Im part of this)
    people who think its wrong to duplicate an SVT car in almost any way.

    oh well... I guess I will try to find a set of turbines and an intake silencer..
  19. Fake-snakes are equal to Rice, not worth the time of day... PERIOD. If you are embarassed about what you drive, then don't buy it... but fronting like you have something that you don't (v6 with snakes on it for example) are like those ricers that try to make their honda civics look like a lexus or something??? I just point, laugh, wonder WTF to my self as I let the clutch outand listen to the supercharger on my '03 cobra and I see them getting smaller and smaller in the rear view... HAHAHAA
    Sorry, this is a sore subject, really just can't stand the posers you know!!

    (BTW, I am not against v6's in the least, I used to drive one as a daily, now my wife does, but it is more then apparent that its still a v6, hell, I was proud of it. I went on ebay and bought a V6 emblem (thats meant for a ford escape, the 6 is "in" the v...) and put it where the GT would be on the rear deck lid... I WANTED the rice to realize that they just lost to a V6....)
  20. Was I parked? :D

    Sorry couldn't resist it.. As fast as you think you are.. there is always someone faster...
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