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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Never said there wasn't someone faster, there are many cars faster then mine, never denyied it. I am just saying there is a HUGE difference btwn a v6 with "cobra wana-be" crap on it, and a REAL cobra, thats what I was getting at... sorry for any confusion there :nice:
  2. #1.. This is my 2nd snake and 3rd mustang overall. I really don't know what that means to some.. but I digress.

    #2.. I wrote "If you are going to clone a cobra, then don't mix-match generations and call it a clone." Nowhere did I say not to put next gen parts on a stang. Don't take part of what I wrote and then argue out of context. Adam can do whatever the heck he wants and I'll give him props for it... untill he puts badges on it. I don't know how much more clear I can be.

    #3.. He replyed to me "but I dont think an SVT owner would laugh at a well done replica" and then showed us a picture of a 88 GT with cobra brakes and rims. This was the foundation of my comments on what constitutes a clone or replica, and why it doesn't make it okay to badge the car a cobra.

    Like a few people here are saying, if you aren't content with only having a GT, then you should have bought a real cobra. The differences go beyond a few take-off parts.
  3. My buddy has a 66 fastback with drive train out of a 96-98 Cobra. He even has the brakes and Cobra R wheels. He put the Cobra badges on that car and it looks good. No SVT badges, but he does not say the car is a Cobra, its a 66 fastback with a Cobra engine. Believe it or not most people ask if its a real Cobra. He always says no, there are too many people out there that would say yes.
  4. I definely think it's ok to use, duplicate, or surpass cobra performance parts, i.e. brakes, wheels but not okay for badges, rear valances etc.
    The only real reason it bothers me is because people who don't know better ask "Is that a real cobra?" I mean a lot of GT's will blow my doors off. Plus, I just got some white AFS bullitt wheels (because I think they'll look good on my car and are wider than my stockers), so am I trying to pass it off as a bullitt?
  5. so since he has a fox body which would enable him to make a 93 cobra clone, he has to have 93 brakes and wheels to be correct? it has to be totally bone stock to be a cobra clone? what about cobras that have been modified, maybe have baer brakes or weld wheels. that isnt stock. are they still a cobra?
  6. you're a tool, plain and simple. how about you race my LX and i'll put your overpriced mustang in its place. :notnice:
  7. sorry for the multiple posts, but this guy is really annoying and is worth post whoring.

    IMO, a Cobra isnt a VIN, its not a badge or a certificate. A Cobra is a badass performance mustang. The word Cobra defines a level of performance in a mustang using factory parts. What about If someone took a cobra and put GT badges on it (not that anyone would, but for the sake of argument) would you flame them? why? because they messed with badges? you are more obsessed with badges then a 15 yr old waiting to take mom's 89 accord over to Auto Zone and get a V-tec and type R sticker. If someone wants to put cobra badges on it, who cares? If it comes and smacks the 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' out of your car, what are you gonna say "but its a fake cobra"? thats retarded. yeah if its sloppy like one i saw the other nite (a GT with GT bumper and SVT on the trunk) that is just stupid. but if you have a mustang decked with cobra parts (even if it is mistmatched between years) i dont see what the big deal is.
  8. Hello???? A clone is replicating a car true to it's factory spec. If you can't do that, don't call it a clone... damn, it's not even close by adding 99 rims and brakes, so don't add the badges.
  9. I think you've hit yourself in the head a bit too much... Ooooh... you want to race me on the Internet...

    So typicall, can't add anything to the debate so you resort to personal attacks and immature chest drumming.

    You sound like a jealous hater.
  10. You are making people think you have the real deal, when in fact you are a POSER.

    Drive through, have a nice day.

  11. learn to spell when insulting, it will make it look as if you know what the hell you are saying and you're not 12.
  12. how is that? if someone comes up to you and asks if you have a cobra and you tell them no, it is a cobra clone, how is that making people think they have the real deal? damn you're ignorant
  13. Learn to use punctuation and proper capitalization, and I'll learn to spell. That is so weak. :owned:

    Anyway some punk teenager is not worth my time. If you have an opinion to add to the thread, fine... if you are going to act all juvenile, you should be posting here ->Clicky if you are juvenile
  14. I hate Posers, I wouldn't put a Ferrari badge on my car and try to pass it off as one just cause it has a horse on it. That may be an extreme example, but the principal is the same, you're liying to yourself and trying to slip one pass everyone else. Be proud of what you have, I'm not gonna go try to pass my Cobra as a Saleen by slapping some stickers and wheels on it. So don't do it. I think all Cobra owners should feel the same. I had three Gt's before my first SVT, and I love all of them as they were. Now I'm on my Second SVT and loving it. So Screw all you Fake, wannabe, posers. (just my opinion)
  15. I'll leave it at this...

    guys like FriedChicken are obviously elitist ignorant fools. This kind of guy will tell you he just went tanning outside despite the fact that there might be 6in of snow on the ground.. seriously not worth the debate.

    check my sig.. does it say "cobra" in it? no... lol...

    To all SVT owners I congratulate you on your fine choice of automobiles.. but dont act like they outside the reach of mere mortals.. I could have bought an SVT car for the money time and sweat I have put into the old 88... many of us have. But thats simply not what I chose to do. I have a long history with the car (12 years) and I wont give that up for the sake of 'authenticity".

    I'm very sorry you feel this way, but for the most part SVT people understand that we are all Ford brothers and sisters, and that driving, modifying, restoring, showing or racing a ford is the way we express ourselves.. and that is the bond we share. I like the fact that a Cobra owner will compliment me on the 88 and on the 99. They like the fact that I appreciate and compliment their Cobras, Lightnings, etc. Its mutual respect that overcomes this ignorance.

    If you are buying an SVT for the "air of superiority", you are in the wrong car. get a Vette, Porsche, etc, because that's where you belong. You might be 'just passing through' the Mustang hobby. that's fine but I don't consider you representative of the Ford loyal.

    Lots of talking smack on here.. but I bet in person most of good people, maybe even Fried himself... however.... I still love my car.. and that's all that matters really..

  16. Now Adam, I have been respectful to you this whole thread and no way did I insult you or your car. You and that 18-yr old punk seem to only read what I write an assimilate what you choose. Hey, you may not like my point-of-view, but I am allowed to make my point and refute the garbage that has been written here.

    I am an elitist cause I think people are a poser/wannabe/loser for putting SVT and snakes on the side of their car? Do we ALL not rag on those Honda guys who put VTEC and Type-R on their 1991 Civis Si? What is the difference?

    If you want to put whatever OEM parts on your car, unrestricted by year... GO RIGHT AHEAD. But don't call your car a replica/clone and don't put on badges cause you have "cobra brakes on the car".

    If there isn't such a big deal about buying a cobra and that you can make a car faster/better, then why do so many Mustang guys try to emulate the cobra? If it's such an overpriced POS, it sure has alot of you guys with your panties in a bunch over a newer car with a little bit more power from the factory. What is your facination with those snakes? Hrmm? Do they add 50hp mysteriously? Is it cool to drive around with those serpents on the side while you think to myself, "boy, everyone thinks my car is rare cause I have snakes on the fenders."

    Maybe all of us cobra owners should be replacing our snakes with "427" and putting "Shelby" on the rear bumper. That is ok right? Or how about putting a "Z06" badge on the fender of a 1987 Corvette?

    But we are elitists cause you are driving a $3,000 mustang and some of us are driving in a $30,000 mustang. We are elitists cause we think that there is some notoriety in buying an SVT product or see the big package. Or maybe, we must be elitists because our opinion differs from yours and you are hoping that there are more poser/wannabe/losers who will chime in to support your opinion.

    Not one person here has clearly outlined one example of when you can put cobra badges on a non-cobra car. Forget how much you want to make out with me, or how much you love my car... just dig up your best example of when to badge a non-cobra car.

  17. If you were to clone a car, and tell people that "this is a clone", would you put parts that were OEM to a different model? on it If you do, that's fine, but you're missing the clone part and entering the realm of a custom car.

    Adam, I never heard this from your mouth - is your car a custom or a clone. I'm assuming its a custom car because not once have I heard you say it's a clone or posing to be an svt. I like your car, it's sweet, BTW.
  18. the only one who brought the word clone in was chickenguy....

    My car is a mustang. It is an 88GT. I call it a fobra, fake snake.. whatever you want..

    Even 5.0 mag said it loud and proud...


    FC, that pic was before the cobra front brakes and 'restified' interior.. oh no.. I have 95GT seats! damn I did it again...

    thanks for the compliment doogz. it is much appreciated.. I NEVER claim the car is SVT.. but as I said a few times before.. I never have to explain that to anyone who is 'SVT Savvy".... if you think my car is a real cobra.. then you dont know Mustangs very well..

  19. Another Village deprived of there idiot. :notnice: Sorry, time for you to get off your high horse. Not everyone has 32g's sitting around to spend nor do they have the finances at the time now or in the past to finance a "Real Cobra." That means they should be looked down from people like you?

    Go drive a Porsche you (_(_)clown!
  20. damn adam that is friggin sweet.

    Very very sharp ride!!!!!

    And by the way i think the lack of any badge on that car really makes it!!!!!
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