Fake Snakes.....opinion???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 95Cbra5O, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. Fried Chicken.............you're right. Now that I think about, since I do have a "Cobra", I think I'll slap some Shellby badges on there, I mean it is a cobra, Right? Hell, I think i'll go all out and get the racing stripes too. I'll get the side exhaust as well, hell no one will ever know the difference, right? :p
    I bought my cobra for the simple fact of having a limited production car. Being part of the SVT club, having my certificate stating I am part of that club and having a limited production car. I don't have anything against GT's,Bullits,Mach 1's, or v6's, I like all of them, I just don't like Posers/wannabes. So stop faking the funk and face the truth, You Don't Have a COBRA...........so don't act like you do.
  2. DoubleONegative: thanks! I had the snakes on a few years ago.. then I wanted to try the clean look.. been like that ever since..

    wow.. Im an SVTOA member too..

    Perhaps you could tell me how a Cobra owner acts? If you personify the preferred method.. I dont want one.. :notnice:

    but thank goodness you are the minority.. and I have a great time with SVT people as well as GT people, as well as V6 people.. yadda yadda yadda...
  3. Lets Settle This Once And For All

    Like I said before, do what ever the heck you want with your car. I have no problem with people putting badges or doing anything to their cars. Just don't argue with someone that knows its a fake. Then again, Cobra owner's should downgrade people that have clones or fake snake or whatever you want to call it. I've had Mustang's for a long time. I bought my first Cobra in 1993 brand new because it was a little different from the rest. I used to have a black 92 LX notchback that had the 93 cobra body kit and wing from cervini and I had the badges on that too. I didn't go around bragging it was a Cobra. The Car looked good and had all the stuff that I liked about Mustang put into it. I ended selling it so I could by my 97 Cobra. Which I bought because I was impressed with the engine and styling.

    Adam, your car looks great. I love my Cobras, and I definately feel good owning them. Yeah, its kind of a status thing, owning the ultimate FACTORY Mustang. I say FACTORY, because people take their Mustangs home and make them even better. I was considering buying a third Cobra an 04. But after reading this thread, I've realized that I rather pick up another notchback and build a stang that has all of the great things about Mustang built into it. Mustang has a long heritage, from the GT to the Cobra, the Mach 1, the boss, saleens, and the shelby's. I see nothing wrong with someone trying to bring 40 years of an American icon into one great kick a$$ car. Just don't be an a$$ about and call it something its not. We are all here because we love Mustangs and are willing to take time from our day to discuss them with people we don't know. I think we should encourage eachother to make our cars more enjoyable and better.
  4. You brought replica up. replica=clone
  5. Hey Adam, your car looks great. You should try to find a set of 93 Cobra tail lights for it.

  6. And again...
  7. "...someone cares to replicate those points of a car."

    reread.. I don't think I need to explain further...
  8. And here is what the whole premise of this thread is about...

    you trying to justify misbadging your car and being unsuccessful, so you and your following decide to make issue of what "I" drive and the fact that I can defend my position... which you cannot.
  9. Funny how a flame and insult and then a jab at someones money seem to follow each other. I never look down on anyone who loves their ride. I've grown up loving mustangs all my life. But because you are blinded by my shiney black paint and 12-second stock car, you fail to see where I keep re-iterating do what you want to your car, but don't be surprised if you see me laughing at you. Seems like you are the one hung up on the balla-dolla-bills

    Show me where I look down on someone other than in the context of misbadging their car?
  10. Sweet looking ride, and I could care less if you had a 100% replica. I do notice that you shaved the badges. I respect that. But when I argue to not misbadge and you and the other clowns reply with "your an elitist" or "go drive a porsche!", you look more like jealous hater :shrug:
  11. God, what a pissing & moaning match. Just let 'em do what they want to thier cars & let everyone else think what they want about them.

    But I do have to say, IMO, fake badges is lame, all else is fair game.
  12. quit hiding behind your cobra badges ****. you have a slow car and you are insecure about people making cars that look just as good but will stomp the crap out of yours on a daily basis. and you know what, i am a teenager, what about it? im 18, paid for everything on my car MYSELF and im putting down over 500 to the wheels. congrats, you have a cobra. damn im jealous, you stupid **** :notnice:
  13. you were probably one of those oucasts as a child, not accepted by anyone, a loser in school, beat up all the time and got your lunch money stolen. you grew up, made some money and people still didnt accept you, so now you went out, overpaid for a mustang with performance parts so you can have your pretty little certificate and be a "member" of the cool club. even though they still dont like you, but they pretend to because you look even more like a tool when you try to act cool in your cobra. the '03 is the worst, Mach 1's with simple bolt ons can run one down with ease, but hey, you have a cobra, that makes you special. just for nice even numbers say you get a $30000 mach or a $40000 cobra. the mach has so much more growing room. with $10000 i can promise that car would be putting down about 650rwhp and be daily driven without a problem. so a mach with the same ammount of money into it as a new cobra has 250 more HP. wow, so WHY exactly did you buy a cobra? because you feel special. thats the only reason to actually pay the ungodly ammounts for one. i want to be as cool as you when i grow up. :nonono:
  14. I think you need to take a time-out. If you can't play with grown-ups, then you need to stand in the corner.

  15. Wow, Man you are coming off like you are jealous of '03 Cobra's or something BottleRocket. Saying things like "overpriced mustang", "pretty little certificate", & what not, along with comparing modded vrs. stock cars, I don't know. I think this might be another thread that "you will never live down". Hell, I hope that a Mach with $10,000 in mods would beat a stock '03 Cobra. I would think a GT with that much $ in mods would do it also.

    Take a chill pill dude.

  16. Dammmmmmmmmmmn. Someone is spinning their tires. So answer me this KID, If you had the cash and were not living with your parents, would you buy a COBRA? About the Mach 1, Do you even have one? I didn't think so, so don't talk about or compare my car to something you don't have and wish you did. Don't hate me cause I can afford a car that you dream about having. :banana:
  17. no, i wouldnt buy a cobra. yeah they make good show cars, but thats about it. and i do not have a mach 1 either, but i'd love to have one just because they are a perfected '99 cobra and look sick. also, im not jealous of '03 cobras and i do not dream about owning one, nor will i ever. $40k is too much for a car that can get stomped by a simple 306 like mine. :rolleyes:
  18. actually, there are a couple '03s i wouldnt mind having like the one X2C put together with the turbo, that is a sick car, but again, still a waste of money to put that much into a car in the first place when you can get so much more for your dollar buying a GT or Mach
  19. Yeah cause there are so many GT's and Machs with over 700 rwhp without lifting the valve covers :rolleyes:

    Funny thing is, I can buy a second cobra and it would only cost me $30k... not that $40k number you dug up... or maybe it's price is so far beyond you that it could be $100,000 for all it mattered to you.
  20. I never wanted to get into a pissing match with anyone.. this was supposed to be an intelligent debate..


    BottleRocket.. dont waste your breath and please dont think that all SVT owners are like this. It has been my experience that the opposite is true.

    SVT people are great. I have many many friends who own Cobras, Lightnings, etc... I guess just like there are 'angry' GT owners, V6 owners..

    its all good.

    the 03s are truly awesome cars. as I said, I have driven quite a few and they always impress me, whether stock or modified. I've driven a 500+rwhp one with a KB. It was awesome. But I'd rather have a 93 Cobra than an 03.. i just love the car... so I guess its not all about the power 'sometimes'...

    maybe I'll put my old fender snakes on my Civic beater.... hehehehe j/k people...

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