Falcon Owners stay away from TFFN.net

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  1. I posted my build thread on this forum of my 60 falcon. Unfortunatley due to personal reasons I have to sell the car before it is finished. I had been a member on tffn.net since last year posting my build and collaborating with members of the falcon community.

    I want my falcon to go to a good home and not get cut up for parts or ruined. Its a1960 2dr (they only made this bdy for one year so its not too common). I felt mentioning that I had to sell the car in a community of falcon owners they may know of a good home for it where it would be completed.

    The moderator of the forum deleted my build thread and my post about having to sell the car, called me a free loader! This is not how I believe any forum should be run.

    I feel we all are here for the same purpose: to share knowledge, experiences, and resources that are becoming harder to find. I am absolutley appauled at the email I recieved from the forum "owner/moderator"

    I belive this says it all:

    "Join the crowds of others that don't like the way this site is run. Yes I see you have been freeloading since last year. Fact it that it wasn't my idea for the Proby type deal... that idea came from some of the moderators but its worked well for people like you. They support the site and people like you just freeload and then get torqued when you don't get the same thing supporting members do. With that said NO NEED TO REPLY! I don't want to read your whiny BS.

    David Smith

    Some people question my sanity because of the way I run my site. I question my sanity because I do run it.
    -David T. Smith- "
  2. That site looks like a mess unfortunately, did you post it in the 'for sale' section? Looks like the for sale section is free? If so why would you get booted? I've run across forums and moderators before, is the just a moderator or the forum owner? I would contact the forum owner if not and see if he is linked to any other forums. I quit a MB forum because the owner was a jerk and would insult you depending on if he liked your question or not, he did not want any mod discussion of the MB only back to stock....Sold the car a yr. later.
  3. its a shame that people are like this when all we want to do is share thoughts and experiences. Im young when it comes to the classic world and I really appreciate the knowledge from members that have been doing this for years. Unfortunatley in this case the guy just doesnt get it.
  4. I guess he wanted you to be a financial supporter?