1. Alright guys, as we have promised, we are ready to start some Facebook EXCLUSIVE specials! This Friday I will be posting up a search term for our website and it will lead you to some SERIOUSLY LOW priced products. This will be happening every Friday, but we still have one big question to answer......What parts do all of you want to see in these specials? I want input from all of you. I will be scanning over the comments tomorrow afternoon and will start cutting the prices on parts! So, what do you guys want? Headlights? Exhaust? Wheels and tires? You tell me and we will make some awesome deals to show our appreciation for all of your support!


  2. Headlights please!!!!
  3. 92 three piece or one piece
  4. Or not to push my luck but maybe a headlight/fog light combo?
  5. Wheel/Tire packages 4 and 5 lug for 79+
  6. Still headlights for a 92 lol
  7. Off topic but here goes...

    Just a shout out to all the people at Late Model Restoration for being stand-up guys...

    I purchased an item for more than $1000 and, while it arrived on time, it was immediately clear that the 100 lbs of contents had "settled" rather violently during the long trip and some of them were less than pristime when I opened the carton - even though the outer carton did not show major trauma.

    Lee at LMR took charge of the situation with return UPS labels and a refund credit for the new shipping cartons and packing material that I needed to return the goods. Full credit was received, as LMR advertises, within a few days and my blood pressure has returned to normal - thanks LMR!!! I will not hesitate to buy from you again.
  8. I can second this. I ordered about $700 in items and my door window trim arrived bent. They offered to send me a new one, but I didnt have time for that. They refunded me and allowed me to keep the damaged one. I straightened as well as possible. Someday I will buy more, but to say they least, I am sure a majority of these issues are the shipping company packing freight on top of the items and not being concerned enough for what they are handling. How often do you see a company compensating for other companies faults just to satisfy their customers?

    Kudos LMR. Keep it up, never forget what your success is founded on. So far, you surely haven't :nice:

    Any updates on this Friday? Still taking requests?
  9. Can we still request sale items? Well either way, here are some suggestions: shock and strut kit for 99-04 gt, upper/lower control arms, subframes, zex window switch.