1. A package price for 05+ Wheels, tires, springs, caster/camber plates... You know... an entire kit for correctly lowering an S197 with updated (19" or 20" wheel) so that it's right when complete.

    That's my thought for the day... I'm spent. :suicide:
  2. 99-04 Mach 1 chin spoilers would be good for the list...mines shot from daily driving...
  3. You're supposed to stop the car BEFORE you hit the curb. :chin
  4. lol..

    actually i was behind a truck a while back and i guess it was laundry day cause his laundry basket flew out the bed and my bumper was the recipient... but it was either hit that or the car next to me
  5. Damned Dirty Laundry Guys! :fuss:
  6. Hahahahaha....at least the truck was clean :shrug:

    thankfully i did not recieve skid marks on the car lol