SN95 Fan Settings W 180* T-stat?

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  1. Is there an optimum temperature to set the high and low fans once one's switched from stock (195?) to a 180* or does it matter all that much?
  2. When I did my fans I remember reading that you wanted the fans to come on 10 degrees above thermostat temp. I have a 185 stat, and my temp switch is a 195. I'm really not sure where it cuts off at.

  3. Every car is going to be different. Just because oyu have a 180* thermostat doesn't mean the engine temp will be at 180 degrees.

    For example, with my car and a 180 stat, the coldest the engine will run is 188 degrees. Usually, when on the highway, or a 45MPH secondary road, airflow across the radiator is all that is needed to maintain that. If i idle, the temp creeps up.

    My fan comes on at 210 degrees, and shuts off at 195 degrees. With that range, it really only comes on at stop lights and idling in traffic. When crusing around my temp hovers around 188-190 degrees and the fan is off. Having the fan on here won't drop temp any further.
  4. So umm leave it alone?
  5. Well i don't know. What settings is your fan set to now?
  6. I don't have any temperature data but stock I believe.
  7. Well, the stock fan is a mechanical fan. SO there are no settings.

    WHat is on your car exactly?
  8. This is a 95 MadDog