Fan Shroud Issue?

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  1. Hey All. I have a '65 Mustang Convertible that has some noise coming from the fan shroud area. Like a rattle sound. I noticed that the noise seems to be louder when it is colder outside. After the engine warms up, no more noise. Could this be a brittle/flimsy or loose fan shroud causing the noise?
    The fan shroud sometime in the past was also damaged by the fan blade because their are chips in the shroud
  2. Have you tried wiggling everything before you start up the engine?

    How about posting a sound file of the rattle sound?
  3. My '65 "K" car came from Ford without any kind of fan shroud. Even more disconcerting, it's fan was nothing more than the typical 4-blade cross-arm found even on puny 6s! imp
  4. Did it eat your hood? Mine ate my hood. :(
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  5. I tried wiggling it will running. The current problem is that it has been so warm here in NC recently, no noise. Only when cooler does the noise appear
  6. No, but I did have an experience once where the fan ate my radiator! Turned out, when I looked at a mountain of them at Al's Graveyard, it was not that uncommon!

    Fan screws itself into radiator core! imp
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  7. The temperature shouldn't affect the tightness of your fan shroud. Your stuff is either tight or it isn't.

    Though morbid curiousity makes me wonder if you tried wiggling your fan shroud "while" the engine was running. If so, don't do that. You could hurt yourself and it serves no purpose.

    I got nothing, otherwise.
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  8. I suspect great numbers of us "dreamers" have, in reality, nothing. Nothing in, nothing out. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Nothing ventured, nothing LOST! HA! Got ya on that one! imp
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  9. Well I finally got to record some sounds of the mystery noise since this morning was cold here. Also seems that if gets louder when in drive and pushing the accelerator. After the engine is warm, no more noise.
    However I cannot attach any of the files, it says there is no file extension present for .wav files :(