Fan Shroud Misaligned?

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  1. Out of nowhere my fan started rubbing my fan shroud! How do I fix this?
  2. You probably had a motor mount fail.
  3. Fuuuu is that a pita to fix? should I sell my car? Meanwhile will it be fine if I cut some shroud where it rubs?
  4. Sell it and buy a civic
  5. NOOOOOOO!!!! XO
  6. Motor mount is no big deal to replace
  7. Mounts are not too expensive nor are they seriously difficult to change.
  8. Ok im gonna try it. Meanwhile I have a long trip tomorow. Is it safe if I just cut the piece of shroud where it rubs and drive it like that?
  9. Try to wiggle the fan blades to make sure you don't have a bad water pump or bad bearing in the fan assembly. Take the belt off to check the water pump out to see if a bearing is going out. Most of the time if the bearing goes bad, you have a coolant leak. Spin the fan to make sure you don't have a bent or loose blade. Check the plastic at the base of the fan blades since I have seen them crack to the point that the blades threaten to come out.
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  10. I wouldn't take it on a long trip with a broken engine mount, because I've had a broken mount cause the engine to rock over and hold the throttle open and that is no fun at all. But if I had to, I'd just remove the shroud rather than cut it. You need to take the fan off with the shroud then put the fan back on.
  11. I have an aftermarket metal fan and they are bent and cracked because of the rubbing.i have a brand new water pump. I have rotated the fan and no wiggle just rotation. This happened after I did an e brake turn
  12. what is it with you and civics?:eek::dammit:

    to the OP, replace the motor mount, it isnt that hard.
  13. Lol and its ironic cuz my friends civics have always had broken mounts
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