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  1. Ok 'stangers...I have talked to 2bav8 about this first and have his blessing...

    I am starting a few of these threads and hopefully we will gather enough info to make them sticky's and eliminate some of the redundant topics...

    The ones I am going to start initially are:

    AOD in a 65-66
    T5 in a 65-66
    8.8" in a 65 - 66
    9" axle info

    please let me or 2bav8 know if there are others you want started.

    I am not discriminating against other years...

    I am only familiar with the 65-66 if the info applies to other years let me know...

    Let's Start a List here in this thread and condense to a few we will start and make sticky's

  2. Rack and pinion
    Brake swap front
    Brake swap rear
  3. Upper arm drop

    1" vs 1 3/4" and parts needed for the 1 3/4" drop.
  4. Not sure if your T5 swap plan to address it, but should include clutch cable versus hydraulic clutch info as well.
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  5. I see you did 9" rear ends, How bout 8"? I'm sure there are more 8" in cars then 9" (i.e. monarh, Granada)
  6. Tire/wheel configuration and fitment
  7. At this rate the entire front page will be stickies. If anything the threads should be in an FAQ sub-forum.
  8. sub forum

    Well we discussed that...

    we thought that maybe people would just skip it...and not go there to look

    We want to compile a list and then see what we want to actually do.
  9. Tire/wheel

    I think DodgeStang has that area covered...
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  10. 8"

    I don't hear of too many 8" to 8" swaps :)

    But if you mean a list of 8" sizes I'll see what I can come up with.
  11. What? You left out the ever present I-6 to V8 swap?

    Then there's auto to standard and visa-versa.

    Drum to disc swap and the Granada spindle swap.

    Floor pan replacement.

    Headliner and front and rear glass weatherstripping could be covered in one deal.

    Installing an MSD.

    Head swap, aluminum head swap, intake swap.

    Suspension rebuilds.

    Gear swap.

    Putting seals and bearings in a rear end.

    Redoing brakes, drum and disc.

    How about putting new covers on your seats?

    Oh, degreeing in your cam.
  12. And don't forget:

    "Why your normally aspirated, stock cam, 1.5" exhaust, cast 302 head, smogger motor won't make 400hp."
  13. :rlaugh:

  14. It won't?:shrug:

  15. What u should do is make one main faq post. then create links to individual threads answering them
  16. c4 to toploader conversion
    toploader to c4 conversion
  17. Got it! :nice:
  18. I mean for 6 cylinder to V8 swaps. 9" are harder to find but 8" are not and I don't know what 8" cars to look for.
  19. oh and the 8.8 information