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  1. how about a vendor list for mustang parts. You might even get some love for listing them there.
  2. i might be able to do something for late model seats. also i plan to do a 8.8" in a 67-68. and 13" cobra brakes. maybe a 5.0 EFI installation?
  3. I think a better start would be deleting or fixing the dead links on the existing FAQ Sticky, then move it from from Talk to Tech.
  4. links


    Well If there is a broke link I will fix it...and it is in tech...
  5. Or maybe you're referring to your Rear End Swap sticky.

    I think that write-up should be a link within the previously existing Classic Tech FAQ I linked to above.

    If you sitcky each write-up individually we're going to have them fill up the first page of Tech.
  6. sorry


    I don't spend much time over in talk so I did not notice it. That is an old post. I did not check the links to see if they were updated or not.

    My original suggestion was a FAQ sub forum...but 2bav8 thought it would be better here.
  7. I'd also suggest that Write-ups be locked (and updated as needed) so that the Tech does not get lost in all the chit-chat.
  8. Another vote for the I6 to V8 swap on the 65-66.
  9. I would be interested in:

    * Header fitment
    * simple Cam and Head comparison (what is good combo)
    * like all else 8" and 9" rear fitment and ratio guide
    * front and rear disk brake swaps. there are a lot of different approaches out there and it would be nice to see on one page
    * EFI conversion

    I could go on but I dont want to be greedy!
  10. Well we do have two seperate places for classic classifieds here on stangnet so I guess two seperate places for Tech FAQ Stickies fits the Stangnet Classic theme.
  11. How about subframe connector options

    Mustang II IFS options and things to know about for installing each option
  12. A couple more.

    AOD in a 67-68
    Lowering a 67-68
  13. Moving back seat trays for taller drivers
    detailing engine bays- the right way (trust me, I'll post)
    dare I say- panel alignment?
    shaving driprails- more of a bodywork thing but I have a good technique.
    front clip replacement
  14. As you can see, I have removed all the FAQ information that I had previously posted to help you guys have a quick reference guide to look up how-to's and such. Well, ever since I posted that information, I have been harrassed by members on here in more than one thread, and it never seems to cease even though I have alerted admin. about the flaming abuse. Yes, I know the regular Mod has been on vacation, but is back now, and the response I got from an administrator yesterday makes it very clear to me that this is not only a restomod site that I don't belong in, it is also a "Good 'Ol Boy" site where if you are from out of town, you are looked on as a detractor no matter how much knowledge you impart. This will be my last post on here because I do not wish to disrupt the Good 'Ol Boy thing that has obviously been going on for some time now. If you want to build a site far and beyond what it is now, you need to change how you do business with newbies. Don't bother replying, I will not come back to answer.
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  17. that will definitely come in handy over here glen:nice:
  18. FAQ

    Not any more.
  19. That's just childish.