"FAST" emblem overlay

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  1. Anyone have a link to the overlays for the "FORD" decklid emblem that make it say "FAST"? I always thought those were pretty cool, but cant find them. I found some on ebay, but they are red, which wouldn't look right.
  2. got a pic? id like to see what they look like.
  3. Dan I can probably make one. I did some ford focus ones in carbon fiber the said focus. Came out great. Let me know, I will see if I still hav the original badge to get the measurements from. Name your colors too if your interested.
  4. Ah damn, shoulda checked this thread earlier. Literally just got done ordering it. It was only $10 shipped so I guess I'll live. We're still up for the other decal though....wooooo it's a secret! Just gotta wait till I get home to snap the pics you need.
  5. Wow, those are pretty cool! They don't look cheesy like some of the ones I've seen...