fast foward fastback

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  1. did n/e one whatch rids on tlc last night the fast foward fast back was on the show it was cool looking the put a 351w efi n it. :spot: :spot:

  2. I saw that show.....that car was beautiful, i loved the Quad-Duece so much more though....32 Ford with 1200 hp that will do 0 to 60 in 2.2, almost a full second faster then a Ferrai and Lambo....very impressive

  3. Quad Duece

    Nothing neg on the fastback since we've been seeing this car for about a month or so, but the Quad Duece blew me away too!
  4. Me too on the Duece! I want to see a feature on that!

    FF mustang was cool, but standard tech. Shoulda put in a new Cammer!

    Or, instead, have those brawling knuckleheads from Orange County Choppers build a Mustang!
  5. I only caught the last 15min or so when I got home from work last night, but my favorite part was when he lit up the tires. Last week, they did Carol Shelby and the "new" cobra. At the end Carol was doing burn outs and doughnuts, it was sweet.
  6. I caught it, pretty cool. It was more of a summary of the project though, I wish they'd gone into more detail. I remember seeing a yellow quadradeuce roadster in Hot Rod a few years back.

    Well, I was going to attach a pic but the attachment manager function isn't working. :notnice: :mad: Someone needs to rethink that.