Fastback Rear Molding

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  1. After dreading to do the front windsheild trim I was able to install without any problems or any scratches. My problem is the rear trim I think I installed the clips wrong! Can anyone post pictures of how they are supposed to go and are they the same as the front ones? Thanks in advance.
  2. 66 coupe and fast back are all the same ,front to back. 67-68 coupe windshield are the same as 66, but some of the rear window clips are different .67-68 fast back are the same front to back and use the same clip as 66. 65 use the same size clips a 66 except they attach with screws. the bottom of the clip has two little feet, i guess is the easiest way to explain it ,and they point towards the glass
  3. the clip on the left of the two clips side by side is the one you will need .it is the 66-68 type .the screw on 65 clip is actually better ,it will not come loose and holds the trim tighter, and is the same size. you can move it to the side of the mounting stud and screw it down. the way they are shown in the channel is the direction they go. i didn't lock this one on the stud because i didn't want to scratch the primer. _MG_3984.JPG _MG_3983.JPG
  5. Hi horse sense once again you come through for me! I actually do have the right ones and installed them the way you describe but I just can't see how the trim is going to snap in there,it's like the gasket is in the way thanks again image.jpg
  6. you may have to shift the glass around a bit .check the gasket ,it may not be on the glass all the way . you may have to carefully pry between the rubber and the body ,don't chip that pretty paint
  7. i just enlarged the pic and it does appear the rubber is not on the glass all the way
    you can see the bottom lip of the rubber through the glass the top lip needs to be slipped on the glass more . you will have to pry it .i have done it with my fingers just try working it on to the glass .if not it will have to be pried but it should move fairly easy just be carefull