Faster then I thought I was...

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  1. It seems lately my car has been doing quite a bit better then I have been expecting... Here is just some random cars that I took or got close to taking at ennis(the track)....all of these runs are without spray....

    2.5 lengths behind a grand national
    1 length behind a integra with a jdm gsr motor/tranny or something along that lines.
    an 1900 pound crx with who knows what....i tore it up though.
    I barely had a tiburon that had intake,exhaust,chip and was a manual.
    I somehow took a bone stock automatic mustang GT 97.
    I took a nissan SE-R spec V easily...took a normal SE-R also. Both of them the new models.
    I took one turbo 95 civic.(not by much) Im not sure if it was a vtec or not.

    There were tons more races but i was doing surprisingly well....i dunno whats changed but i like it...

    Only thing i can think of is that I stuck a bottle of restore in my engine a few hundred miles back...maybe it bumped my compression up or something.

    BTW, i havent had internet in who knows how long...thats why ive been away from the site...
  2. The new or old body style tiburon? The old one's were slow as hell. One of my friends has one that he's done a decent amount of stuff to... and I easily beat him when I was bone stock. The new ones are a lot closer to our performance level.
  3. Brand spankin new....
  4. I remember you making a post about ordering a blower, is your car blown now?
  5. good stuff man.
  6. so what were your times?
  7. i ordered one a long time back but had to send it back because i went day i went the timeslip printer was spitting stuff out incorrectly so i really dunno my times...
  8. :stick:

  9. well list mods... so i can tell you if you are full of BS or telling the truth
  10. [email protected] think i've done this about 10,000 times...

    Ford chip
    8.8 GT rear end with 4.10 gear and c-clip elim.
    Entire rear suspension set up for drag racing
    MAC pulleys, exhaust, Cai.
    17x8 wheels
    Thats the basic crap...
  11. I mean ive posted my other times a thousand can always hit the timeslips on there...

  12. Good. Much more respectable. :nice:
  13. should be 1.0-1.3 faster than stock auto right? 15.7 range~
  14. haha been there, I have a timeslip somewhere that has a [email protected] mph

    it may be due to better air
  15. just giving you a hard time. i really thought you were just being clever to posting up your latest kills. :D
  16. Depending on conditions and my launch...i go from a mid 15 to a low 16...
  17. i never got much of a chance to run my 97 with all the mods on it... but iw as about a 15.9~ I have been wanting to go see it but have yet to get incontact with the buyer.
  18. my time pzwns ju! :D

    what is a grand national?

    my time was against a turbo civic, but he missed a shift
  19. THose are made by buick in the early 80s or late. (not really sure) and the engines a v6 turbo and can hang with the new GTs.
  20. I think they're twin turbos. My dad said he test drove one once and said they were crazy fast for that time and age. Compared to today, they aren't that good but because of the crazy gas prices of the 70's and the eventual decline in manufacturer backed performance the Grand National was the most powerful car available in the U.S. at one point. There are people who set them up for huge amounts of power. Check Kazaa, there are dyno vids of grand nationals making over 1000 rwhp.