Faster then I thought I was...

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  1. Nope single turbos from the factory. And yes they were crazy fast. Hell get one of those old turbo 6 firebirds which is still the quickest firebird made to date.
  2. You're right of course... I was thinking of the beasts you see online. Most (if not all) of the grand nationals putting down 1000+hp are converted to a twin turbo setup.
  3. Grand Nationals were 3.8 turbos, bad cars, GM quit making cuz they were faster than the Corvettes, I also believe they were produced from 84-87. The real bad boy of the bunch is a GNX, looks like the regular Grand National, but much bigger balls, I don't know anybody rolling in a stock Mustang, unless they've got an 03 Cobra that wants to attempt to race against one of those. A guy up home has got two Grand Nationals sittin in his garage, and never drives em. I'm a big time Ford guy but I'd love to have a GN anyday
  4. Pretty sure the GNX just had a little bit more power, with stuff like a better intercooler and stuff like that, nothing like +8psi or anything over the GN. Also, the 87's, the best year, were good for 13.5 or so stock, so, yes, they were faster than the Vette's of the time, and they would own any stock mustang except the Cobra or Mach. Assuming you could find a stock GN :rlaugh:
  5. the gnx was good at one thing...burning oil :D
  6. why does every one alwasy consider the buick grand national a bad ass car in stock form when its a 3.8 v6 with a turbo but if we put a turbo or sc on our 3.8 and make more power than they did stock its stupid....?
  7. I had an 87 GNX when I was in high school (1994) for exactly one week. When I raced my friend in a supercharged 5.0 it caught on fire and blue up. My insurance agent told me that that was a common incident with the Grand Nationals. :nonono:

    Apparently the so-called fire proof material under the hood would catch fire from the heat the turbo would put off.
  8. I wouldn’t say blowing a v6 stang is stupid, I will probably do it myself. :nice: The v6 is a much better handling more balanced of a car than the 8’s. The only thing I hate about my cobra is its nose is too heavy; it’s very cumbersome like the old 928 Porsche. When I drive the v6 its much more fun through the turns.
  9. Well, but you can upgrade the gn to be much faster has much better internals then our v6's....but i see your point and it is a valid one if you ask me...