Fastest 1/4 mile time(Factory only!)

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  1. The same E.T.... :rlaugh:'m running the equivalent of a high 12 (which is faster than your high 13 low mph run) and that is because I'm traction limited...bald street tires don't do much...

    MPH shows the power and your still a second off with me spinning in 4th gear :rlaugh:

    No...I didn't say "embarrised"...embarrased...get off this've been proven time after time to be wrong...

    Everybody go check out the thread in 5.0talk...and see how senial this youngster gets... :nonono:
  2. Yours is stock? is your signature a lie or are you lieing...those seem to come hand and hand don't they?

    Even if you ran 100mph and made 11's (long ways to go)...I would be pulling on you HARD...good luck with your goal of 11's with that setup... :rlaugh:

    You jealous that some of these 2.3's are beating you?
  3. HAHAHA :rlaugh:

  4. Hey Bhuff,,check out the last 20 post's on that same thread in the 5.0 talk room.Watch 5spd run like a scared rabbit.This guy is so full of [email protected],I can smell it through the computer.
  5. I've seen them, but they arn't making you look any better. I think almost everyone will agree that you spew more crap than anyone else on the forums. Seeing you is like watching a mentally retarded person that doesn't know he is retarded trying to argue with average persons. :( If you wern't so damn abrasive and hard headed, I would feel sorry for you.
  6. LOL,,,OK ,,,you just stay here and keep to yourself,,,,,,son :rlaugh:
  7. Your poor poor ego... :nonono:
  8. dude would u shut the f%#k up already?
  9. (*looks both ways*) Ehem.....


  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. And again...the poor guy doesn't even realize we are laughing AT him, not WITH him :nonono:
  12. Ummm,yes I do,,but thanks for pointing it out to others :rlaugh: Whats the matter,,doesnt anyone pay any attentoin to you at home WWWWWaaaahhhhhhhhh,,,WWWWWWWWaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,,,WWWWWWWaaaaaaahhhhhhhh,,want some tissue's :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Let it die stinker :rlaugh:
  14. The gayest thread belongs in the gayest room!! Sorry I ever came in.Later
  15. Funny! :rlaugh: (i was close though!)

    Have you ever been to a turkish prison..
  16. :rolleyes:
  17. The December issue of Mustang Monthly has a feature on the nicest 86SVO Ive ever seen!!! It has 330hp,and 328 pounds of torque!! It has a list of mods a mile long( It Looks pretty stock on the outside) But the mod that caught my eye was the 5.14 gears,,YES 5.14 :nice: :nice:
  18. Yes, it is a damn nice SVO...

    Should I post a link to the 700+ rwhp SVO?
  19. Nah, you don't have to. I will.