Fastest 1/4 mile time(Factory only!)

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  1. OK,,OK,,Im impressed :nice: Need some info,,how long are they known to last? EXAMPLE-A well mantained 5.0 can go up to 200,000 miles on the engine,what about an svo?I know they still get good money for them.Whats the average price for a 85,,86 svo?
  2. Most well maintained 5.0's that hit 200k miles don't see track time every weekend ;)
    The 2.3 can go a long ways without being overhauled. There are plenty of people racing 150k+ mile 2.3 short blocks as well.
    However, there are some special issues that can cause problems if you let them go. If you let it detonate, it will likely blow a headgasket (but thats a hell of a lot better than putting holes in pistons ;) ). Also, the TFI modual tends to go out because of the excessive heat. It may be the same on a modified 5.0. but this is a ford design problem. The other problem would be turbochargers. Not everyone like to take the time to keep the oil changed and let the turbo cool down after a hard run, so there are naturally problems.
    As for how much an SVO would cost ya... Depends on the condition of the car. There are some real junkers out there that people let go for $400 or less. Then, there are people with a stick up their butts that try to get $2000 for their POS SVO. You should be able to find one in good/descent condition for under 4000.
  3. My engine is a mileage unknown longblock. I was told it was 125k + the 30k that I've put on it since the swap + the 130 passes at the track. Not to mention the car has 280k miles and the original 2.3 was pulled in perfect working order 250k.

    My svo was in good working condition inspected, minor visual deffects and had 109k miles for $1500 and I'm cheap. In Washington DC I've seen the same car go for $3000
  4. Ya there was some lame vettes in the 80's remember the Callaway vettes :D

  5. Thats a new one on me.

    First off these two cars was built for two different reasons and why I don't think I can swollow this.

    SVO = Joint effort to build a cheap car using shelf parts to compete against forigen cars in a auto cross. Probaly the only mustang of it's time to ever out do a Porscha 944 turbo or a Ferrari 306. I'm not talking just in 1/4 times either :rolleyes:

    TC (T-bird) = The car that SVO stole the motor from to power the SVO and why I don't believe this is about emessions. If this was about emessions Ford would have canned the same motor used in the SVO that was still used another 2 years in the T-Bird. Infact Ford built 6 times the total of all SVOs ever built in just the 88'TC alone. Anyways the TC was not built by SVO but by Ford. It was maded to target people like me...Married men in their early 30's who wanted a car with some passing speed on the hwy but could still pick the kids up from school if momy couldn't.

    Then there is the old HP ratings Ford had to lie about just so the V8 guys wouldn't cry about. On the 85.5 Ford down graded the HP from the 86 SVO around 5 - 10 hp. This was so V8 fan boyz could buy the new HO Stang in 86 and think they was still top dogz. There is zero difference between the two cars but just what Ford wrote down :rolleyes:

    The main reason why the SVO was canned was:

    A) The cry baby V8 fan Boyz and B) The cost of the SVO sky rocketed to where people rather buy the V8s to save money. Ford called in Jack Roush of Roush racing to help build a new twin cam head for the beast hoping this would help rejuvenate intrest. At this time the Fan Boyz had had enough and feared :D the about to be 300hp pinto motor and banded together to help put a legand to rest :(
  6. I have a book here that documents what teal terror stated.
  7. I dont know where you guys live,but every time I see one in the paper there usaully 7-9000!! Im in NJ.
  8. A local SVO from a guy I was acquainted with was selling a 84 or 86 SVO? (can't remember) for $1500 bucks...I thought about buying it...I believe he still has had some minor things wrong with it...a little dent in the side/flat tire/etc...but was all easy/cheap stuff to fix...

    Pro-Hawk - I think it is a bit more involved than "crybaby V8 Fan boyz"... :rolleyes: That isn't going to make Ford not sell the car...its all about practicality...
  9. Yeah, I was going to say that I have at least 2 books that document this maybe 3. Its a nice thought to think that the ford execs couldnt stand having a 4cyl that pumped out more hp than a V8 but the timing just doesn't support that fantasy. I believe that more than one person at ford had a hard on for the 4cyl turbo. They had it optioned in at least 4 fox cars from around that time; the svo, 20th ann., 79 pace car and the t-bird. Keep in mind this was also around the time the 302 h.o. came back with ad's stating the boss is back. Team SVO did an awesome job with the SVO but unfortunatly their projects after that didn't fare so well.
  10. Shoot me a scan or two of this will ya?

    Let me see if I'm understanding this...Ford canned the SVO because it had more Emessions than the V8s but yet continued to use and manufacture this motor for another 2 years? They did so many that just one year (88'TC)alone equaled 6 times the number of SVO ever built? Now are we talking about pure fuel econemy? The 2.3L(T) gets right at the same if not better mpg as the 5.0's do. This also depends on how the 5.0 is driven ;) If it's emessions I would think any turbo motor would do better on this field than a N/A car. At any rate I would like to see this information.
  11. You misunderstood me, not just the SVO but the mustang all together. The SVO couldn't continue to be made if there is no mustang.
  12. yeah they were planning to quit on the mustang completely and decided to try a new project to rally support within the road racer world......I'll have to go back and read them all again. Yeah I'll scan if you don't post it anywhere.
  13. For the 25th anniversey 5.0 edition,they planned on having a Turbo-model,,but the deal was squashed :notnice:
  14. :lol:

    This guy is a trip :rlaugh: If you don't got nothing to back it up than STFU and move on. Geez atleast I can post proof SVO's killing Poschas and Farreri how ever you spell that junk :rolleyes:
  15. I read up to "37" and couldn't take it anymore.
  16. This is where he started me rolling :rlaugh: First off, is he saying EVERY vette didn't run faster than 15's in the 80's? I'm sure the Callaway vette crowd would love to talk with him about that :rolleyes: The the numbers on the GN/GNX seems a bit of a streeettcchh also to me. Sure these cars pull some out rages numbers now days but not without a bit of tunning. Then there was the TA's that was running 14's all day long. Now I got a friend who bought one completely stock that did a 12 second flatt breaking a track record in Ennis I believe for it's class. O and no it wasn't a V8 either ;) Now for my favorite one that most people don't even know about...1981 Yanko Camaro :nice: Yes Don Yanko built one using a 350 with a single turbo :p Theres a ton of 80's cars that did 14's but I don't think people think twice about them since 14's is walking time now days.

    Just for kicks heres a SVO I have to watch out for :eek:
  17. ProHawk...maybe you didn't notice but this discussion is need to start all this crap over again.
  18. this THREAD must DIE.
  19. That means I would have had to read more of that crap to tell it was over :eek: