Fastest 1/4 mile time(Factory only!)

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  1. ummm,,,do you mean Don Yenko? I know he made those,,I think he made less then 50 of them.Callaway was not a factory car,,and if you had a friend with a 12 second TA from the 80's,not only would it be a track record,,but it would also be a WORLD record!! Like Stinger said,this part of the thread is dead!!
  2. From Hemmings Daily blog "Rumors apparently swirled of a more powerful 275hp DOHC SVO in 1987, but such an SVO never materialized." It was nothing more than a thought, you're a founding member and don't know that since gas was so cheap then, the V8's were selling 10-1 over the 4 cylinder cars? And the 87 GT got better gas mileage than an 86 SVO. And if someone was buying one to modify in 87, they would have certainly bought a GT or LX 5.0, the LX 5.0's only weighed 100 lbs more than an 86 SVO and was faster and easier to modify.
  3. I like the the 79- '82 vette :nice:
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  4. right? willys1 was GTOreturns first name. That was three screen names ago.
  5. You lived it at ten?
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  7. Sorry about bringing this thread back up, I didn't look at the date.
  8. I'm not sorry
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  11. You guys do realize you're arguing with a guy that was banned back in 2010, right? :confused:
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  12. he did say "you 2.3 guys are so special" :spit:
  13. I guess we know why he was banned now.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to be called stubborn or whatever, but I'd dare to wager I'd personally be able to pull a 14 second slip from any '87-'93 302c.i., 5 speed, non-vert fox mustang at complete stock specification, even a fully optioned 93 GT. Perhaps it could be done in a vert and/or auto too, but I've never driven either and so won't speculate.

    Now, if by "most" you're including '79-'84 5.0s along with all convertibles with autos, then I'd say you might be right.

    I'd never claim that stock 5.0 foxes are competitive by today's pony car standards, but it's seriously annoying to read the assertion or perceived implication that they're 15 second cars on a mustang board from a mustang guy. It's just not true.
  15. Damn! They got me! Why the hell did this atrocity get revived?
  16. Bone stock with less than 100 miles on them. my 87 vert ran 15.1 and my 88 Gt ran 14.2 with nothing more than pumped up front tires on those crappy gatorbacks I did Bob Cosby's or whatever it was called tune up - no silencer, short belt, bumped timing, K&N, unbolted the front sway bar, removed all the stuff from the trunk/hatch, Iced the intake, etc. and ran mid 14's on the vert and 13.80's on on the hatch.
  17. Bone stock with less than 100,000 miles as long as it had good compression, I've been always been able to do that or a few tenths better. I've had a dozen or so 5.0's, I wouldn't go near a vert. or AOD if you paid me. In a fox body of course, I amazes me how good the new automatics are, being able to run as fast or faster than the 5 speed GT's. Bone stock before I did anything I've always been able to run between 14.30's and 14.50's.
    And it was called the MM&FF 5 min tune up, by Even Smith. I had multiple LX and GT's (I found the LX's had about one or two tenths advantage from weight savings) I would always spend a few months trying to see how fast I could go with a stock car before I would start modifying it. I'd always use a positive stop shifter, (I learned really quick that if you didn't have one, bending the shifter forks and ruining a perfectly good T5 wouldn't take long at all). I would set the timing to 16 degrees, screen taken out of the MAS, removed silencer on the air filter, removed or used a K&N filter, set the TPS voltage set to 5 volts, use any kind of elec. fan to get rid of that clutch fan, 160 degree thermostat or none depending on if you wanted heat or not, (without one you could cool off the motor a lot faster between runs), or you could used a reducer spacer that had a smaller hole in it. I'd use a phenolic intake spacer so when you used ice to cool the intake it wouldn't heat back up immediately, a small water hose to reroute water around the throttle body spacer, no coolent with water wetter (you're not supposed to used coolent on a dragstrip anyway), removed front sway bar, and everything else inside the car like the spare tire and jack, pumped up front tires and usually the stock rear tires but if I ever had to replace the rears and hadn't started using drag radials yet I would put a little bigger tire on the back like a 255/60/15 or 255/50/16 seemed to work good. I would ice the intake for 15 mins before the next run and make sure I didn't get melted water on the bottom intake that would get under the rear tires I'd use a 44 inch short belt that bypassed everything except for the water pump and alternator. And perfected my launch and 250 rpm power shifts. With those things done, I had no problems running 13.50's to 13.70's. I had a hard time getting street races because everyone thought I was hiding nitrous somewhere. Then with 3.73's and 26x10 MT's on stock wheels, I would come very close to running 12's. They would always give me 5-6 tenths. It was amazing how much money you could make back in the day on Fri and Sat nights running against guys with stock looking Mustangs that just didn't put in the time or effort to test and tune their car to see how fast they could go stock. So many people would just buy a 5.0, take it out to the race hangouts without doing anything then accuse me of lying or hiding nitrous. Taking off a second from dead stock wasn't hard at all if you knew what you were doing and took the time to get there.

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  18. Ditto!! Made a lot of $$ back in the day. After a few "used" mustangs I eventually bought a brand new 93 gt and spent that night "tuning" it up. Go to the track and run 14.00-14.2 on stock tires. Personal best was 12.00s with slicks and 100hp shot. Completely stock suspension,longblock,intake,fuel system and full weight. Everybody thought I had a built engine or spraying more than 100hp. Early 90s were a blast!
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