Fastest 1/4 mile time(Factory only!)

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  1. That's awesome, that's why I love Mustangs. I did almost the same thing you did, after buying so many used and beat up Fox Body's I got tired of it and found a Red 93 GT on eBay for $12,500 in 2003. It was in showroom new condition, I was winning awards at NMRA car shows it was so nice. I left the outside completely stock except for the ET Streets on the stock wheels, it had a stock motor from oil pan to throttle body except for the Cometic head gaskets and ARP head bolts, and since I had the heads off I couldn't leave the stock rockers on it so I put on Crane Cobra 1.7's. Then I put a HP stage 1 60 mm turbo kit on it, tuned it myself with an Innovate LM-1 wide band, and then dyno'd it at 524 rwhp and 648 rwtq at 16 psi on 100 octane unleaded Sunoco pump gas I could get in Tampa, FL. I even ran a stock A9L computer and just locked out the timing at 20 degrees, 255lph pump, 42 lb injectors, C&L 76mm MAS in the fender, drag suspension, TKO 600, and a built 8.8 rear. I used to beat 10 second bikes on the bridges in Tampa Bay going from a roll, man that was so much fun. It went 10.80's @ 126 mph at Desoto Memorial, and 6.90's @ 100 mph @ Sunshine dragstrip in Largo. Everyone told me I wouldn't be able to do it, it would blow up, I would split the block, bla bla bla, I raced it for 2 years like that, just for fun. And drove a total of 5 years (12 psi on 93 octane) and the completely stock motor never came apart to everyone's astonishment. lol that car was so much fun and scary fast. I race a buddy of mine's 93 coupe with a stock motor too but he had just put a Vortech T-trim and Vortech aftercooler on his we ran the same boost (16) then raced on the Gandy Bridge, we went from a roll and I left him like he was standing still, the next day he took the blower off and sold it on I just recently sold that one, I had bought a couple new Mustangs while I had that one, an 06 GT and 08 GT. I'm looking for another Fox Body again. I've never split a block on any Mustang I've ever built. I hate it when idiots insist "when you get to 450 hp your motor will split in half". They just don't know what the hell they're doing.
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