Fastest 2.3L turbo?

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  1. Whats the fastest 2.3L turbo out there?
  2. probly Joe morgans 2.3 turbo focus wagon, think it in the low 8 or high 7s? something like that.
  3. what about mustang?
  4. I think hubbers is in the 10's. then there is the the Forced svo, i think its in the 9's
  5. The Hubers ran 9.30's at WFC in their Mustang stroked tall deck "2.3" and then ran 9.80's with their spare 2.3 motor the next day.

    The fastest iron headed 2.3T belongs to Bryan Hall, he was running 10.30's at WFC and made 530rwhp with it.
  6. well there is the tubeframe ranger that was on NOPI tunervision.
  7. Yes, Don Nase owns the Ranger...Runs 7.80's or so I believe...that's the fastest "2.3" powered vehicle out there.
  8. A guy I work with has a probe best from it has been 8.50 @ 160 stick car. with small 72mm turbo. Should go a bit faster thist year he's done some work on it.
  9. Yes, his name is Fred House if I remember right? Used to have a Pinto...
  10. there not a 2.3t pimp on the block stinger doesnt know about.............
  11. Killercomet do you work at a Mack trucks plant?

    If his name is Fred House he is a bad son of ****. I have a pic of his non turboed pinto with a 200shot and has a dial in of 9.81 on the windshield.
  12. Mine.
  13. WOW its been awile to reply to this but oh well..... Yes It is Fred House, He is also one of the nicest guys you could talk to. Yes he knows his stuff hes been in the game a long time. Ive seen things that he has done that other big names get around to years later.

    When he was running the Pinto on the spray, he did the math and found out per cubic inch he was injecting more N.O.S. than a Pro Mod.
  14. yeah I think the pinto went 9.6 w/ no turbo just nitrous.