Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. Does anyone know what the quickest ET is for a 5.0 based pushrod Kenne Bell Mustang (or other fox body) is? My friend claims his is the World Fastest Kenne Bell Bell Powered Fox Body Mustang out there. His claim is based on the fact he has not seen anyone else post a quicker ET than what his car has run. To date I have not see anything in the magazines, or on the all knowing interweb that would prove him wrong. I know there are a LOT of faster Mod Motor or New 5.0 Kenne Bell powered cars out there, but not to many pushrod motors making big power. Anyone?
  2. Be nice to know what exactly he is running...
  3. To date best is a [email protected] just over 143 mph............this on a true 8.5" slick

  4. But that was only a 9.91 run, I have witnessed my friends car running 9.61, I am looking for the You Tube post so you can see for yourself.
  5. Oh... I'm not saying that he didn't. That article there is only the fastest DOCUMENTED run that I'm aware of.
  6. Well when I find the you tube of the 9.61 run, is that documentation enough?
  7. I still don't think you understand. I'm not arguing with you. lol

    I was only trying to help answer your question. If you say that your friend ran faster then I believe you. You need not convince me, I have no dog in this hunt. That article indicates the fastest run THAT I KNEW OF. So if your friends run was faster then I have nothing else to contradict that.

    There very well may be other articles with better times but I am not currently aware of them. I posted the one I knew so that you could compare it to your friend's time.

    that is all
  8. That is the problem with the internet, being able to tell the intent of the post. I was not arguing with you, just wanted to know if you were looking for documentation of the run. The whole point of the post was to see if my friends claim hold true. I think it does. I would like to be proven wrong, so it gives us a goal to shoot for. Although, after the changes we are making this winter, a low 9 is hopefully not out of the question.
  9. Yep... I get ya. I think we're on the same page now. hehe

    I would actually have been suprised if nobody had beaten that time in the 9+ years since that article particularly since there have been 3 (again, that I'm aware of) folks that have fabbed up aftercoolers for these pushrod KB setups. I don't recall seeing any run times for those guys though.
  10. Just imagine how fast he would go with a hard top. The convertible top makes like a parachute on that run.

  11. This is the run, Heads Up NW in Woodburn Oregon this last October The rules require a 3200 lb minimum weight (we are at 3350 lbs) stock rear suspension (no coilovers, ladderbars ect) single power adder and a 255/50/15 drag radial or a 26x 8.5 slick. Car must have interior ( no sheetmetal showing, back seat ect) stock type front suspension. Engine is a 331 stroked 5.0 with a hyd roller cam, AOD trans, and of course the Kenne Bell blower. And oh yeah......... a .4 pro tree, no bracket racing here!

  12. We are running a air to water intercooler at 19 psi to the engine, 20.5 psi before intercooler. Thus the 4" cowl hood. This winter we are going to a solid roller cam with the hope of getting the rpm's out to 7,300. Plus the heads will get a re-fresher as well.
  13. I'd definitely like to see that air-to-water inter-cooler if you have pics of that. The ones that I mentioned above have all been air-to-air.
  14. See what I can find, don't know if I have a pic of engine or not. If i find it I will post it. May take a day or two, may have to have my friend forward me a pic, as he lives 125 miles away.
  15. That's only a 52 minute ride at 143 MPH. :D

    Poor Excuse :jester:
  16. Yup, your You Tube search skills are way quicker and faster than mine. Good Job. Wish I had seen your post before posting it myself. Thanks

  17. Well, if it was in a straight line I might try it. I also had surgery on my left knee yesterday, so my shifting the trans would be a challenge as well. I have even more lame excuses if you would like to hear them ........Lol