Fastest 5.0 (pushrod) Kenne Bell Mustang?

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  1. amazing read!
  2. Thanks, a few more pictures are on the way, and then I have a video of the engine running, may take a bit as I am having issues with the camera loading the video to the laptop. But i will figure it out and get it posted, I hope tonight.
  3. Another shot of how tight the T-body is to the firewall 333070.jpg
  4. A different view 333071.jpg
  5. This is with the camera sitting on the drivers side fender, no wonder we need the 6" cowl hood! 333073.jpg
  6. This is where all of the work happens, and just before start-up 333074.jpg
  7. Just got word that last weekend, one of the guys that we run with brought out his 95' Cobra with a 331 single turbo combo and ran [email protected] (1/4 mile) on the 8.5 tire. Since our best last year was a 9.61 we really have our work cut out for us. The only "good" thing that came of this is that while Tim is a great guy and always has a smile on his face, he tends to break parts, and we are hoping he will continue that trend and miss a few events so he does not just kill us in the points chase.
  8. I may not comment all the time, but I'm always watching for your updates. You guys are doing and amazing job. By the way did you get your tap back yet.
  9. Got the tap. Glad it worked for you and thanks for all the positive feed back
  10. Have you guys tried running without the air filter, it looks like the one you have is not the biggest . Any thoughts on that.
  11. we dyno and race sans the filter. It IS a restriction.
  12. This is an older post and I forgot to ask what power level are you at with your fuel setup routed this way, this is not the KB race car in this thread is it.
  13. So I looked back again and found where you guys saud your feeding the KB LC ports from the engine coolant. I have a couple questions.
    1. Is there a specific inlet outlet on the KB or can either be used?
    2. On the water pump there is to ports for water passage which on is the inlet and outlet?
    3. I was concerned about using the engine coolant to route through the KB LC case and using hot engine coolant at 185*. Any concerns with that? I was thinking of using a small oil cooler and elect water pump and have a stand alone system for the KB, do you think this is overkill.
  14. Actually that is the way it was run when we did the 9.61 pass. After swapping out to the solid roller cam and with the Jesel shaft mount rockers and freshened up heads, we dyno'd the car and found that we were running out of fuel at 5,900 rpm. The engine just flat lined and the air/fuel went lean and no matter how much injector pulse we threw at it, it stayed lean. So now the whole fuel system is just about finished being up graded. Now using a Aeromotive Eliminator pump and -10 feed lines up to the fuel rails. Now both fuel rails are being fed from the front and exiting out the rear to the fuel pressure regulator. Looking back it is amazing the old fuel system did not give us problems before considering the power level we were at.
  15. #1) I do not think it matters, we feed into the top and out the bottom.
    #2) We are suing a Mezier electric pump, and it has O-ring fittings on either side of the pump that can be utilized. We happen to be using one on the passenger side of the pump, this is the feed to the Kenne Bell case.
    #3) In our application the engine does not run long enough for this to be a concern. For a street car that see's a lot more heat soak, I think a dedicated system for the Supercharger may be the wise thing to do. If it were me, I would do it that way.
  16. Sneak peak of the massive setup going on my 2.8L, Trick Flow R lower and the split and rewelded KB with 4" pipe. New huge rear inlet 3x8" back box to 5" with 105mm T'B going on.
  17. That's how you make power!
  18. Nice, that is way better for the 363 cid monster you have. Now it will be able to breath! The air inlet sound is going to be unreal. Maybe like two Velosaraptors instead of one!
  19. Make sure your inlet tube down stream from throttlebody is at least 6 inch diameter and that thing should be an animal
  20. 92rohcp
    Walter and I just got back from some test and tune runs in Woodburn Or. today and made some progress with the tune of the car. Our best of the day was a 9.500 @ 144.97 mph with a soft 1.485 60 foot. The data log showed that we were still way to rich with the leanest part of the map being 10.4:1 A/F. This is after pulling out about 30% fuel across the entire map as a result of the previous 3 runs data logs. The new fuel system is feeding so much more fuel to the injectors, that the previous fuel map was dog rich. Even now most of the fuel map is in the 9.4 to 9.8:1 range. Plus we played with the ignition timing to try to get the car to leave clean. Started out with only 15* timing for the first 5,000 rpm and ended up with 19* for the first 5,000 rpm and then jumping to 24* after 6K. The engine responded very well and we now we are headed in the right direction. We also found that the 3.25:1 gear is to tall as we are crossing the stripe at only 6,700 rpm. The new solid roller cam is pulling hard to 7K plus, so tomorrow we are going to swap in some 3.50:1 gear and then head out in another week or so for some more tuning. If everything goes as we hope it will, we should end up with a 9.2 or so at about 148 mph...............we shall see. Maybe now, just maybe, this is the fastest and quickest Kenne Bell powered pushrod 5.0 based car, and all of this on a 26X8.5 Hoosier with stock rear suspension.